What is this breakdown affecting Amazon Kindle e-readers?

What is this breakdown affecting Amazon Kindle e-readers?
What is this breakdown affecting Amazon Kindle e-readers?

It’s been a few years now that the giant Amazon has carved out a place for itself on the e-reader market. The American group offers a wide range of Kindle e-readers, with various models to suit all uses (and all budgets). The e-reader is also one of these 11 tech items that we consider essential for going on vacation this summer.

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A download bug on Amazon e-readers?

Although the Kindle range is one of the best e-readers on the market, this does not prevent it from currently experiencing a rather annoying glitch… In fact, a breakdown is currently preventing owners of an Amazon e-reader from downloading new works onto their e-reader.

A problem that seems to affect both new purchases and books already in the library that you want to download again. Amazon has already confirmed the problem, while indicating that the teams are currently working to resolve the situation.

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Please note that it is completely useless to reset your Amazon Kindle e-reader, since this operation will not solve the problem. According to the specialist magazine Good eReaderthe problem comes from various malfunctions on the Amazon server side.

The American giant has indicated that the outage could last for another 48 hours or so. Once this has been resolved, it should be possible to download books again onto a group e-reader… but the operation could very well require a few more hours/days. The magazine points out that the problem is inherent to Amazon, and that customers are unable to resolve it on their own.

At present, the alternative is to turn to the Amazon Kindle Android and iOS application, which continues to work correctly. While waiting for the problem to be resolved, it is therefore possible to download your books onto your smartphone or tablet. On its forums, Amazon indicated that an update was recently carried out and that the problem should gradually be corrected for users around the world. So be patient.

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