According to Epic, Apple is delaying the release of its alternative store on iPhone! Unfair battle?

It was a foregone conclusion! After announcing that its alternative store had been submitted for Apple’s approval on July 1st, Epic Games is already complaining about Cupertino’s excessively picky behavior and the multiple rejections that result from it.

Apple vs Epic, stop ou encore

As a reminder, on July 1, Epic announced that it had officially submitted its App to the service notarisation Apple. Tim Sweeney’s firm was then optimistic and indicated that the launch of its alternative store should take place in the coming months. In my previous article, I had some doubts about the good faith of the Apple teams and their eagerness to respond favorably to this request.. It remains to be seen how long it will take Cupertino to validate this request (it could take months), if Apple does not find a more or less valid way to refuse it.

Who would’ve believed that ?

We didn’t have to wait longnite long before the little war between the two stubborn entities started again. Indeed, As of today, Epic Games is publishing a series of messages on X indicating that the store has already been rejected twice. for designs and placement of its buttons too close to those of Cupertino.

The following messages discuss the use of buttons Installer et In-App Purchases all the more standard stuff, as you see on many platforms. The complaint smacks quite strongly of frustration. (and one can easily understand), and ends with an accusation of behavior arbitrary, obstructive and in violation of the DMA with an appeal to the European Commission.

In short, nothing under the sun again. These two can’t stand each other, and they never miss an opportunity to get in each other’s way. Epic Games remains optimistic, however, and still intends to launch its store in the coming months, thus marking the official and triumphant return of Fortnite on iPhone in Europe.

Unfair Battle?

In the meantime, and if the urge to play Fortnite is too strong, iIt is still possible to go through GeForce Now, or even via Xbox Cloud Gaming (which offers to play this particular title without needing to take out a subscription).



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