Despite the business, you continue to have great confidence in Temu

As Temu faces a new case, we wanted to know if you continue to use this Chinese e-commerce platform. The results of our survey have just been released, and the plebiscite is wide.

As online shopping is in full swing during this summer sales period, a major case is shaking up the world of e-commerce. Indeed, according to the attorney general of Arkansas, in the United States, ” Temu claims to be an online shopping platform, but it is a dangerous malware ».

A serious accusation against Temu, a relatively young e-commerce platform that is already at the heart of several controversies. The company has already found itself before the European courts after consumer associations pointed the finger at it for a lack of transparency towards users.

In the United States, the accusations are more about the non-respect of private data. Temu is said to have secretly accessed “to virtually all data on a user’s cell phone».

The firm issued a statement in which it defended itself against all these accusations, denying their veracity and proclaiming its commitment to the laws. However, one can easily imagine that Temu’s image is inevitably tarnished. However, it is also common knowledge that this e-commerce platform has experienced rapid popularity, which is reminiscent of the rise of Wish a few years earlier.

A controversy that hardly calls into question your purchases

So we wanted to take the temperature, by asking you if you continue to buy products on Temu. The answers were pretty clear.

With 8,344 votes, many of you expressed your views on your use of Temu, with an overwhelming majority of fans: 43% of voters say they appreciate this platform. 29% of you are not concerned, having never used this e-commerce site.

However, these cases still seem to have an impact on you, since 29% of you have changed your habits: 13% are trying to favor other sites, while 16% have stopped using Temu altogether.



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