Apple considers iPhone X, 2018 HomePod and first AirPods ‘legacy’ products

Apple considers iPhone X, 2018 HomePod and first AirPods ‘legacy’ products
Apple considers iPhone X, 2018 HomePod and first AirPods ‘legacy’ products

Apple has added new devices to its list of “legacy” products, which doesn’t mean they’re completely obsolete and just good for recycling! On the contrary, the iPhone X, the original HomePod, and the first-generation AirPods can still be useful.

Regularly, Apple enriches its list of “old and obsolete products” with new members. Three products have recently gained entry into the club: AirPods 1st generation (2016), theiPhone X(2017) and the HomePod (2018). In detail, these devices are now considered “old”, meaning that Apple stopped marketing them more than five years ago and less than seven years ago.

“Old”, but still going strong

These devices can still be repaired, depending on the availability of spare parts. After 7 years after their marketing, the products are considered “obsolete” and there are no more repairs possible, at least in the official circuit (Apple Store, authorized repairers).

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While that day will inevitably come, the three devices are not there yet. They can even still work pretty well. The “original” HomePod continues to receive software updates with additional features; on the iPhone X side, it is content with security updates, which is already not so bad!

The AirPods are probably the worst off. It’s likely that headphones purchased 8 years ago simply won’t work anymore, because of their battery. And since you can’t replace the component unless you break the whole thing, these AirPods aren’t very durable, and that’s the case for all models in this range.

In their genre, these three products marked a break. The AirPods were Apple’s first wireless headphones, they created a real call for air that all manufacturers rushed into. And the mockery around their particular design – with these white stems hanging from the ears – quickly died down. The HomePod was less successful, so much so that Apple stopped selling it completely in 2021. This design finally returned in 2023.

Finally, the iPhone X introduced several of the features that make up the daily lives of millions of users today: Face ID, OLED screen, notch, edge-to-edge design, presence of a Neural Engine in the A11 chip, etc.

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