Spending too much time on screens is even more dangerous than we thought

Spending too much time on screens is even more dangerous than we thought
Spending too much time on screens is even more dangerous than we thought

This is a new alarm signal. In a recently published report, the American Optometric Association (AOA) shows that spending more than 7 hours a day in front of screens is very harmful to health. It also represents a cost of approximately 73 billion dollars per year for the American economy, experts specify.

Risks to physical and mental health

In concrete terms, this prolonged exposure can generate digital eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome. The effects of the latter include dry eyes, blurred vision, as well as headaches and back and neck pain. All of these are inconveniences that are sadly known to employees who work on a computer.

But the list does not end there, because the productivity of employees tends to gradually decline, while the quality of life will tend to deteriorate with a decline in the quality of sleep or the mental health of the worker concerned.

It goes without saying that experts suggest spending less time behind screens wherever possible. In addition to these common sense measures, Ronald Benner, president of the AOA suggests: “These findings highlight the importance of adopting better screen time habits and having a comprehensive annual in-person exam with a doctor of optometrist to maintain eye health and overall health.”.

Protect children

This is clearly not the first time that the deleterious effect of time spent on screens has been pointed out. In 2022, we cite this study on the cognitive effects of prolonged exposure of young children.

Cognitive problems are thus likely to appear with attention and concentration issues, and even dependency and addiction. This has repercussions at school where writing and language difficulties appear in class. Finally, and to make matters worse, overweight problems linked to the lack of physical activity, or even depression, can arise. To try to remedy the problem, you can find our article where we list 3 tools to spend less time behind screens.

What you must remember :

  • An American study presents overlooked dangers of screens
  • This is the case with computer vision syndrome.
  • It’s not easy, but we need to try to reduce the time we spend in front of screens.

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