the latest touchscreen GPS bike computer

the latest touchscreen GPS bike computer
the latest touchscreen GPS bike computer

The new Garmin Edge 1050 combines performance and technology for cutting-edge navigation and performance tracking. Perfect for demanding cyclists.

Garmin recently introduced its latest Edge 1050 cycling computer, marking a new milestone in cycling equipment technology. With an ever-larger touch screen, advanced functions for group rides and extensive connectivity, this computer promises to meet the expectations of the most demanding cyclists during training.

Garmin Edge 1050: an innovative bike computer

The Edge 1050 stands out with its bright touchscreen, offering vibrant colors and optimal readability. This model incorporates an advanced and intuitive navigation system, allowing you to concentrate on the road while keeping an eye on performance. Its battery life reaches up to 20 hours in intensive use and 60 hours in energy saving mode.

The Edge 1050’s enhanced GroupRide features keep riders connected with integrated messaging, real-time group member tracking, and incident detection alerts. These alerts can warn other cyclists and guide them to the person in difficulty. Road hazard alerts, reported by other users, add an extra layer of safety.

The Edge 1050’s modern design, with a beveled body and discreet metal buttons, is complemented by a 3.5-inch LCD screen offering visual quality. This computer also includes convenient features like Garmin PayTM for contactless payments, a built-in speaker for voice instructions and a bike bell, and a built-in route creator to make it easy to create routes right on the ‘device.

Advanced training tools offered by the Edge 1050 include personalized performance-based training programs, daily training suggestions tailored to training load and VO2 max, and Firstbeat Analytics to evaluate performance and physiological reactions. The TrendlineTM popular route generator helps find the best routes taken by other cyclists, while Pin Drop navigation allows points of interest to be sent from Apple Maps.

New performance metrics, such as Real-Time Stamina and Power Guide, allow effort to be monitored and adjusted based on wind and fitness. ClimbPro displays the remaining ascent and grade for each climb, providing detailed performance information, including mountain bike metrics.

For added safety, the Edge 1050 incorporates features like LiveTrack and incident detection, and is compatible with the Varia range of bike sensors and smart lights as well as inReach satellite communications devices. This computer also pairs with Tacx connected home trainers for indoor workouts and can be personalized with data fields, applications and widgets from the Connect IQTM Store mobile application.

The Edge 1050 is now available for €749.99, reflecting Garmin’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies for optimal performance for cyclists, whether amateur or professional.

Here is a comparison table between Garmin’s 3 flagship models:

Characteristic Garmin Edge 1050 Garmin Edge 840 Solar Garmin Edge 530
Prix 749,99 € 449,99 € 299,99 €
Weight 134 g 90 g 75,8 g
Screen size 3.5 inches 2.6 inches 2.6 inches
Touch screen Oui Oui Non
Battery life 20 hours (standard), 60 hours (economy) 26 hours (standard) 8 p.m. (standard)
Garmin Pay Oui Non Non
Navigation Advanced Advanced Standard
Performance Metrics Advances Advances Standard
Storage capacity 32 Go 16 Go 16 Go
ClimbPro Oui Oui Oui

Additional details:

  • Garmin Edge 1050 : This model is the most advanced of the three, with a larger, touchscreen, longer battery life in economy mode, and features like Garmin Pay and a built-in speaker. It is ideal for cyclists seeking a complete user experience during training and optimal performance.
  • Garmin Edge 840 : It also has a touchscreen, but is slightly smaller in size than the 1050. It offers advanced navigation features and detailed performance metrics. The 840 also offers a solar version which extends battery life.
  • Garmin Edge 530 : This model is more affordable and focuses on essential features. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, but it offers decent battery life and standard performance metrics. It’s perfect for riders looking for value for money without the advanced extras.


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