Here are the 10 worst male names in bed

Here are the 10 worst male names in bed
Here are the 10 worst male names in bed

We know, the intimate relationshipsit can sometimes be complicated. Lack of connection, energy, enthusiasm, the reasons why it doesn’t work can be numerous. But we never thought that the first name of the partner could come into play. And yet, here is a study that could turn upside down your beliefs.

A study to be taken with a grain of salt

The exact sources of this research, which has been running since now more than 10 years, remain very uncertain. Some speak of a study, carried out by the university of Michiganwho would have questioned more than 4500 women via dating apps. Others of a survey French made some time ago. One thing is sure, no faithful trace cannot be found today.

It would appear, however, that to establish this rankingthese are the users of different dating sites who were interviewed. Everyone was then able to talk about his different experiences, noting the characteristic traits and favorite acts of his conquests. And in combining the resultsunfortunately, a first name arrived very much in the lead as a source of disappointment, mainly for lack of enthusiasm and generosity.

Fairly common first names

At the top of the podium (shame?), we find the… Julien ! Yes, sorry for you guys, unfortunately it seems that you are not in top form. Juju are followed in the top 3 by the Mohameds and the Damiens. In the rest of the list, we can find the Hugos, the Cléments or even the Mehdi. And, of course, THE Kevinwho unjustly continue to suffer prejudice associated with their first name.

Conversely, among the best shotswe find Maxime, Thomas and Théo on your mind. Bravo to you, you can be proud. All are congratulated for their creativity, their passion or even their efficiency. They are joined in the top 10 by Baptiste, Antoineor Valentine. Whatever your secret, we advise you to continue on the same pathyou are obviously doing a good job.

A bit of humour

So, of course, before everyone falls on us, we prefer to clarify that this study should be taken with a lot of humor. Already, because its origin is still very vague. Then because it brings together all the most common first names of the country, and so it’s a bit easy. Finally (and above all) because THE sexual pleasure is way too complex to be reduced to a simple first name. There are questions of feelingsalchemy, preferences, etc. The Juliens, regain your confidence, you are the best (for some).

And if one of your friends ever decides to send you this article about fool you a little, we are here for you. Because yes, these ladies also had the right to a ranking of the worst partners, and you perhaps have here the means of take revenge of this affront (even if the first names are quite dated, we are willing to admit)! Come on, we’ll leave you with the different lists. And above all, don’t forget, guy, girl, first name or no first name, you are all worth it (for one evening, and more if you like…).

The 10 worst male names in bed

1. Julian
2. Mohamed
3. Damian
5. Benedict
6. Lucas
7. Hugo
8. Clement
9. Mehdi
10. Mamadou

The 10 best male names in bed

1. Maxim
3. Theo
4. Enzo
5. Alexander
6. Anthony
7. Nicholas
8. Valentine
9. Florian
10. Baptiste



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