Launch of the BATSO project to optimize heavy maintenance of floating offshore wind turbines

Launch of the BATSO project to optimize heavy maintenance of floating offshore wind turbines
Launch of the BATSO project to optimize heavy maintenance of floating offshore wind turbines

The replacement of major components of floating wind turbines (MCR – Major Components Replacement) is today a complex operation requiring heavy lifting means and the towing of the wind turbines to port. Current solutions are very expensive, from a financial and environmental point of view.

The objective of this research project is therefore to reduce the costs associated with the maintenance of floating wind power by carrying out these operations directly at sea, in order to make floating wind power more competitive in terms of levelized cost of energy ( LCOE – Levelized Cost of Energy). For this, the BATSO project is turning to a technology already used in onshore wind power, namely lifting from a crane mounted in a nacelle and the development of guidance solutions along the tower.

These offshore operations will reduce the environmental impact of floating wind power. The gains in terms of carbon footprint, and the reduction in the cost of electricity compared to maintenance solutions with towing to the port, will be measured and quantified.

Finally, with this project, France affirms its technological advance in the field of floating wind power. Demonstrating the feasibility of MCR operations at sea as quickly as possible will indeed make it possible to consolidate the position of French players in the heavy maintenance market for floating wind power.

Scheduled for 3 years, this research and development project brings together several industrial and academic players:

  • BW Ideol as designer and manufacturer of Damping Pool® float technology and maintenance player;
  • Centrale Nantes, on tank tests and to design models of cable robot systems;
  • EDF Renewables as a project developer, operator of offshore wind farms and also a player in their maintenance;
  • The OPEN-C Foundation, leader in sea trials and operator of the planned test site.

« We are delighted to receive the support of ADEME as part of the BATSO project. Addressing the issues related to the heavy maintenance of offshore wind turbines is crucial to enable a solid floating wind sector to become structured in France. These new heavy maintenance products and services, less expensive and more environmentally friendly, can be deployed on the floating wind market to pilot and pre-commercial farms from 2027, then to commercial farms from 2030. We will implement available our Floatgen wind turbine, whose lifespan has been extended by an additional 5 years, in particular to accommodate such Research & Development projects. ” commented Paul de la Guérivière, co-founder and CEO of BW Ideol.

Jean-Baptiste Avrillier, Director of Centrale Nantes welcomes : ” Centrale Nantes is very enthusiastic about the prospect of participating in the BATSO project which brings together the skills of two laboratories, LS2N and LHEEA, on the theme of offshore wind turbine maintenance. Its expertise will enable the design and development of a lifting system adapted to marine constraints as well as the digital and experimental modeling of lifting operations on floating platforms to benefit the environmental impact of floating wind power. »

“The selection of the BATSO project by ADEME is excellent news, carrying out heavy maintenance operations at sea is a key issue for the competitiveness of floating wind power. This project will contribute to the reliability of operations never before carried out at sea to date; the skills of EDF Renewables will be mobilized for its success. This project also illustrates the benefit of having demonstrators in France for the sectors of the future. The availability of Floatgen is key for the demonstration in real conditions of these complex operations. » complete Aymeric Ducrocq, Director of Marine Renewable Energy at EDF Renewables.

“The BATSO project is at the heart of the OPEN-C Foundation’s action: testing to accelerate innovation! We are delighted to participate in the creation of solutions with lower environmental costs for the heavy maintenance of floating wind power by bringing our qualification skills and complex environment monitoring for the benefit of unique operations. » has indicated Bertrand Alessandrini, General Director of the OPEN-C Foundation.

Press release from BW Ideol, Open-C, Centrale Nantes, EDF Renewables, 06/24/24



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