Lucens Classic, at the height of its castle

Lucens Classic, at the height of its castle
Lucens Classic, at the height of its castle

Lucens Classic, at the height of its castle

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Among the newcomers in the festival map, Shining Classique stands out for its attention to the place that shelters and inspires it: the Château de Lucens. The 4e edition, from June 28 to 30, does not change its formula but continues to deepen its roots in this high place, with for the first time this year a concert on Sunday morning in the castle church.

Guillaume Jacot, violinist at the OSR and co-founder of the festival, describes more than the menu; he explains the foundations of the program: “We are staying for three days, the large room cannot accommodate more than 150 people per evening – and 40 in on-site accommodation. So we must focus on quality, to live up to the castle! And we truly offer a global sensory experience combining music, visual arts with Thierry Raboud and gastronomy with Xavier Bats.”

A place out of the world

The artistic co-director – with conductor Guillaume Berney – notes that this offer finds takers not only among informed music lovers but also among a fringe of curious people looking for an evening or a stay outside the world. “The important thing is that it is fairly easy to access, even for those who are not used to classical concerts. But without compromise! We invite artists who make sense and touch us.”

Among these, Guillaume Jacot places emphasis on the Italian pianist Vanessa Benelli Mosell during the opening evening: “She offers us very varied emotions, with small, colorful pieces reminiscent of bel canto.” Bel canto is also found on the flute, the instrument closest to the human voice and which will be defended by Guillaume’s brother, Sébastian Jacot: “It plays everywhere, but ultimately quite little in Switzerland. For several years, he has shared the position of principal flute at the Berlin Philharmonie with another prestigious Genevan, Emmanuel Pahud.

Coincidentally with the calendar, we will also hear, on June 28 under the stars, another brother of Guillaume, Sammy Jacot, a musician like his five brothers and sisters, a fan of the improbable combination of the trumpet and the piano!

Matthew Chenal has been a journalist in the cultural section since 1996. He particularly chronicles the abundant news of classical music in the canton of Vaud and French-speaking Switzerland.More informations

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