Nelson Monfort moved by the surprise declaration of his daughter Victoria, of whom he is “very proud”

A fulfilled life. Nelson Monfort was invited to the set of Unexpected Journal by Nathalie Renoux (RTL) this Saturday June 22. The man who will leave the France Télévisions antennas at the end of the summer, after 37 years of good and loyal service, did not hide his surprise and his emotion when Victoria, one of his two daughters, made a beautiful statement to him on the air, live. At breakfast, dad had a lot of energy, always full of ideasconfided with tenderness the 36-year-old young woman, whom viewers recently saw in Here it all begins. On weekends, on vacation, he always had plenty of activities to offer.” “He always had this crazy energy”remembered the one who will conquer the Avignon Off Festival – from June 27 to July 29 – with I play !, a play that she co-wrote with her husband and in which she plays a role. She then praised his spontaneity and his unfailing enthusiasm, he who is “always in a good mood, never tired”.

Nelson Monfort “very proud” of his daughters Isaure and Victoria

Confidences which touched the famous sports journalist, who briefly spoke about their relationship. “Hello my love… […] The surprise was well kept! […] I am very proud of my two daughters, Isaure, my eldest, and Victoria, my youngesthe reacted, before alluding to his daughter’s play, calling it “full of enthusiasm, cheerfulness, tenderness”. “It looks like him and I think it looks like me.”, he judged. Then, when Nathalie Renoux asked him if his successful career, which often took him away from home, had weighed on his family life, he immediately replied: “What matters more in life, the quantity or quality of time spent together? I think the answer is in the question.” “My family sometimes followed me during these events [sportifs]he continued. I always wanted to involve them in these moments of happiness.

Nelson Monfort ready to “cross all of Paris to see your daughter for 20 minutes”

“He left a lot, but came back very regularly, the trips were not always very longconfirmed his daughter Victoria on the air. He brought us together, introduced us to new countries, new cities, we had this crazy chance.” At 71 years old, Nelson Monfort has not lost his dynamism. “He has more energy than me, and I already have a lotsaid the young woman, amused. I’m impressed: he has three days in one. […] He’s going to cross Paris to see his granddaughter for twenty minutes.” And the journalist ends their exchange with a smile on his face: “Good luck for Avignon, where I will obviously be there in the front row…” A magnificent father-daughter relationship, in short…

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