A New Map From The Unreal Store For Bodycam

We hadn’t seen it pass, but an update arrived on June 18 to Bodycam, the ultra-realistic FPS with a good concept, but no game design. In our preview, we particularly deplored the fact that the cards were either directly from the Unreal store, or completely crap. We don’t change a winning team at Reissad Studio, since they blew up the credit card ceiling. This new card named Abandoned Hospital – exactly like in the asset store – is rather large, and offers three main corridors with lots of junctions. It also has quite a few small rooms with only one entrance, which is of absolutely no use, especially when they are located on the outskirts of the main corridors. So yes, it’s pretty, there are a thousand decorative elements, but none of them are interactive or can even move, which really clashes with the visuals. It’s really shocking with the doors, as solid as a concrete wall. In terms of gameplay, it’s pretty decent – ​​if communication is good with your teammates – and the management of lights allows you to play good games of hide and seek. No surprise however, the rounds always last for ages, the time for the last two pelos to find their way. In short, nothing that could change our minds.

In addition to the new map, some small bugfixes and adjustments have been rolled out, as noted in the patch note.

We really don’t recommend it for the moment, but if you really want to try it, Bodycam is available on Steam for almost €34.



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