Boss Elden Ring DLC: What is the optimal order to eliminate them?

Boss Elden Ring DLC: What is the optimal order to eliminate them?
Boss Elden Ring DLC: What is the optimal order to eliminate them?

News astuce Boss Elden Ring DLC: What is the optimal order to eliminate them?

Published on 06/21/2024 at 8:00 p.m.

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the ErdTree is available today. The expansion takes up the tradition of FromSoftware games by offering a more than challenging challenge to its players with major bosses that are as exceptional as they are difficult. To avoid excessive difficulty spikes during your journey into the realm of shadows, here is a guide to the order in which we believe you should tackle the DLC’s major battles.

Tous nos guides sur Elden Ring et son extension Shadow of the Erdtree

Shadow of the ErdTree is much more difficult than Elden Ring

It was over two years between the release of Elden Ring and its Shadow of the ErdTree DLC. Two years during which players were able to improve their character only to meet no character equal to them. Released today, Shadow of the ErdTree features plenty of challenging combat. If we emphasize that the difficulty curve smoothes out as the exploration progresses, it is also because we made the decision to face the bosses who seemed within our reach at the time. There’s no point in getting frustrated. With this experience in mind and forty hours spent on the DLC to complete it, we have a small idea of ​​the order in which to face the major bosses.

Before getting to the heart of the subject, we would still like to recall a few tips that we consider essential before tackling the formidable enemies of Shadow of the ErdTree. The Shards of the Occult Tree and the revered spiritual ashes are essential objects to collect to make combat easier. Collect as many as possible during your adventure, and don’t hesitate to take the time to go looking for them if you get stuck on a boss. For example, the confrontation of SpoilDisplayHide Dancing Lion of the Divine Beast is not at all the same at shard level +4 as at shard level +8.

Careful, work in progress

This article will be updated as the days pass with links to the guides for each boss.

Shadow of the ErdTree : l’ordre des boss optimal du DLC

The Realm of Shadows is the crystallization of FromSoftware’s know-how in terms of game architecture. It has many distinct areas, all accessible via hidden paths? A priori, everyone should live their own adventure and will probably not have followed the same route as so-and-so. The order of the bosses indicated below should not, however, greatly hamper your journey into the realm of shadows by too many trips back and forth.

  • Sepulchral tray – Dancing Lion of the Divine Beast (Belurat, tower colony)
  • Occult Altus – Rellana, Knight of the Twin Moons (Ensis castle)
  • Occult Altus – Golden Hippopotamus (black castle, entrance)
  • Occult Altus – Messmer the Impaler (black castle, sixth floor)
  • Ruins of Rauh – Romina, saint of the bud
  • South side – Crack of stone coffins – Putrid Knight
  • Occult Altus – Metyr, mother of fingers (complete Ymir’s quests to confront her)
  • Occult Altus – Avatar of the Occult Tree (black castle, go through the entrance to the east and drain the water from the courtyard of the religious district to access it)
  • Occult Altus – Jori, Chief Inquisitor (end of the black light catacomb, access via the black castle)
  • Occult panorama, rear door – Gaius (north of the black castle)
  • Abyssal Woods – Midra, Lord of the Exalted Flame (top floor of the presbytery)
  • Jagged peak : Bayle the Dreadful
  • Enir-Ilim – SpoilDisplayHideLeda and her allies
  • Enir-Ilim – SpoilDisplayHideRadahn, futur consort

With such an order, the adventure should not pose too many problems for you if you have managed to unlock the conditions of access to the DLC on your own. Concerning us, only the last two pushed us to our limits.



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