Elden Ring DLC: How to start your adventure in the Shadow Realm of Shadow of the Erdtree?

Elden Ring DLC: How to start your adventure in the Shadow Realm of Shadow of the Erdtree?
Elden Ring DLC: How to start your adventure in the Shadow Realm of Shadow of the Erdtree?

Are you ready to begin your adventure in the Realm of Shadows in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree? Not so fast! We have some tips for you to get started in the first and last expansion of the souls-like from FromSoftware.

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  • Start the DLC with a reinforced concrete build
  • Go in search of the Shards of the Occult Tree and the revered spiritual ashes
  • Linger in the regions
  • Have weapons and a good level character
  • Leveling up is not necessarily necessary
  • Defeat is part of the journey
  • Take an interest in NPCs

Start the DLC with a reinforced concrete build

Before going to meet the various adversaries who litter the Realm of Shadows in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, we strongly advise you to compose a powerful build with which you will be comfortable.

Now that the expansion is available, we are able to put to rest the rumors that were not so unfounded; the opponents are much tougher than in the base game and they won’t do you any favors. FromSoftware has set the bar much higher and the major enemies in this DLC will certainly make you cringe.

However, don’t give up! With a little rigor and a good build, you will be able to overcome your opponents. This is why we offer you the best builds of the moment, based on the elements found in Entre-Terre, to approach the DLC in the best possible way.

Go in search of the Shards of the Occult Tree and the revered spiritual ashes

Always in the interest of starting off on the right foot in this expansion, we advise you to stop your rune farming and focus more on collecting splinters from the Occult Tree and revered spiritual ashes to improve your character.

As you sit down at your first site of grace, you will very quickly notice that a new section has been added to your menu of rest: blessings.

The Blessing of the Eldritch Tree is a new way to improve your character. It definitively strengthens the attack, as well as the defense of your Shineless, but has no influence at all on the attributes (Strength, Endurance, Esotericism, etc.).

And as for the revered spiritual blessing, the latter does not directly improve your character; on the contrary, it is linked to your minds (Torrent included!). It provides a definitive strengthening to your spirits by improving their attack, but also their defense.

Moreover, you can improve these blessings by consuming slivers of the Occult Tree and revered spiritual ashes on a site of grace, so go get them quickly!

Linger in the regions

We can understand that the cloud of war can be very annoying, but be patient and do what is necessary to comb through all the regions you visit. Each of them will allow you to collect many useful collectibles for improving your character, dungeons to stock up on runes, but also hidden paths to reach hidden sub-regions.

Exploration was already important in the Underworld, but it is even more important in the Shadow Realm, especially with the appearance of spirit splinters and ashes.

Have weapons and a good level character

We already told you at the start of the article: the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the ErdTree, doesn’t do any favors. Its beginning constitutes one of the two major difficulty peaks of the expansion. It is therefore a question of being prepared with equipment that you master but also adequate equipment. And even in such circumstances, the first few hours are difficult to overcome. The first enemy encountered in the kingdom of shadows is, for the majority of you, a hostile individual equipped with two chakrams. His rapid sequences will have presumptuous players pinned to the spot in no time. Likewise, he is the boss of the Nameless Mausoleum west of the Burial Plain. The very first of Shadow of the ErdTree will show no mercy to those who present themselves on its entrance landing.

To avoid disillusionment (and especially a sudden return to reality), we first advise you to be around level 150. It is generally around this level that players have completed the game and met the prerequisites to access Shadow of the ErdTree. Such a level also allows you to have at least 50 points in force (the statistic that determines life points) as well as 50 points in another main statistic. The latter, whether it is Strength, Faith or even Intelligence, is the one which determines the weapon that you will play. For example, to play Bane of the Giants, the Strength statistic will be favored.

Fulfilling this prerequisite constitutes a significant step towards surviving in the Mid-Earth. But as much as being level 150 allows you to have many life points, it is of no use if the damage that goes with it does not follow. To ensure that your weapon is optimized, simply put it at the maximum level: +25 for so-called basic weapons, +10 for so-called unique weapons. The former use an improvement system that requires forge stones as resources, the latter requiring dark forge stones. A dense and expensive process that we detail elsewhere in our columns.

Leveling up is not necessarily necessary

Runes, already present in Elden Ring, also serve as the main currency in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. It is always obtained by killing enemies or by reselling items acquired during our journey. Conversely, it is used to level up to recover additional statistics and buy resources from the different characters present in the kingdom of shadows.

And while that’s the reigning motto, it’s not that useful in the expansion.

Understand: having a little pocket money will always be useful. But it is not necessary in case of permanent loss of your runes. No need to panic in these kinds of situations. Most of the runes you used before joining the DLC were invested in forging or leveling stones. However, the system of splinters and spiritual ashes makes pure leveling less impactful. In other words, the lack of runes will never (well, unless you decide to impose rules on yourself) have an impact on a boss or a fight.

Defeat is part of the journey

This is a bit of the theme of this article intended to explain to you how to get started on Elden Ring: Shadow of the ErdTree since its difficulty risks putting off some players. It will happen several times during your journey to come across formidable enemies that you will block. If we do not advise you to give up on the first try, we also recommend that you do not stumble against the same enemy for too long. Impatience added to the frustration caused by defeat makes you even more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Enough to seize the opportunity to visit the other corners of the kingdom of shadows. The new region is full of passages to discover and hidden paths to find. Almost all of the zones are available in the first few games and all the bosses are probably not as hard as the one that prevents you from moving forward. A little virtual walk to clear your mind, and fill your backpack with splinters and new weapons, can only be lifesaving.

Take an interest in NPCs

FromSoftware video games are not known for incorporating talkative characters. Shadow of the Erdtree, the Elden Ring DLC, is no exception to the rule. However, there are seven characters worth your interest. A behavior to adopt even if you have not followed any of the story of Elden Ring for two simple reasons.

Finding out, even from afar, about the wanderings of these distant companions allows first of all to have an objective to follow. From the first hours of play, we learn more about their motivations. They even ask your opinion on different situations and ask you for favors. Beyond the goal to be pursued, these quests make you see the landscape. A great way to experience the architecture of the Shadow Realm in a natural way. And beyond that, who knows? You might fall in love with one of the weapons given as a reward, or even develop a passion for the gargantuan lore of Elden Ring and its DLC.



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