Don’t miss this refurbished offer that no one saw coming on these Bose headphones

Don’t miss this refurbished offer that no one saw coming on these Bose headphones
Don’t miss this refurbished offer that no one saw coming on these Bose headphones

If you want to make the most of your music, then consider these Bose headphones whose price should delight you on the Cdiscount website.

For a short time yet, Cdiscount is offering you this Bose headset at the price of 159.68 euros on its site in its reconditioned version in excellent condition. You can also pay for your purchase in several installments free of charge from 40 euros per month.

Take advantage of the offer on Bose headphones

Excellent condition means that this Bose headset is in perfect working condition and does not need immediate repair to function properly. Additionally, it shows few visible signs of wear. These headphones will be perfect to accompany you on vacation and on your business trips, they will keep you busy on the train in particular and will help you pass the time by listening to your favorite songs. More than 80 people have already ordered it and are satisfied with their purchase, it is unanimous.

Modern and practical, these Bose headphones benefit from a crazy price on this site

This Bose 700 headset for less than 160 euros on Cdiscount in its reconditioned version guarantees you up to 20 hours of continuous battery life. And if you’re low on battery, plug it in for 15 minutes to get two more hours of listening time.

In addition, this Bose headset benefits from several microphones that detect your voice and amplify it while suppressing ambient noise so that you make clear and clear calls. With their optimal noise reduction, you fully immerse yourself in each content without distraction.

This headset allows you to easily manage sound equalization, different settings or even check battery life directly from the application. You control your headset by voice with Google or Alexa assistants. Configured to work alongside Spotify, tapping the earbuds lets you search for music or access your playlist on the app.

These can read your messages to you, help you access your favorite music but also give you the title of a song you like, tell you the weather or add an item to your shopping list. Thanks to its capacitive touch sensors, you easily manage the volume and your favorite songs.

Click here to take advantage of the Cdiscount offer on these reconditioned Bose headphones

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