Samsung celebrates music with its Music Frame speaker: the frame that makes you dance!

Samsung celebrates music with its Music Frame speaker: the frame that makes you dance!
Samsung celebrates music with its Music Frame speaker: the frame that makes you dance!

With its six speakers, smart features, unparalleled connectivity and remarkable sound power, the Music Frame is ready to thrill you, whether it’s music or your favorite movies.

The Fête de la Musique allows French people to come together to dance, listen to their favorite pieces, discover new ones and above all share moments of conviviality. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter whether this day is celebrated to the tune of the 80s or the 2010s, the main thing is to celebrate musical diversity. If you are looking for a gem to accompany you on this adventure, and throughout the year, the Music Frame speaker is the ideal companion.

Vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite music

Samsung has designed a speaker that is as beautiful to look at as it is pleasant to listen to. Featuring six full-range speakers, it delivers crisp, balanced sound. The brand has not skimped on resources, integrating two woofers, two tweeters, as well as two speakers dedicated to the midrange, all developing a power of 120 watts. The bass is deep, the vocals are clear and precise, and a waveguide ensures optimal diffusion. The result is all the more impressive as it is obtained in a compact format (35 x 35 x 5.4 cm). Incidentally, it is possible to pair two Music Frame speakers to obtain true stereo sound.

Versatile, the Music Frame wireless speaker has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. It is also compatible with the Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay 2 protocols. This wise choice makes it easier to stream music, regardless of the platform used. But this desire for openness is also materialized by the presence of personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa, thus giving those who wish to control the speaker by voice.

The Music Frame also delights movie buffs

The Music Frame has several strings to its bow. Equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, the same technology used in the most prestigious theaters, it envelops the listener, recreating the sound effects of films with precision. The result is all the more convincing as the speaker is capable, thanks to its SpaceFit Sound technology, of detecting the shape, size and even furniture of a room to calibrate the sound.

A voice amplifier is even responsible for identifying ambient noise likely to disrupt listening. It then adjusts the volume of the dialogues, and exclusively the dialogues, which thus always remain audible. But that’s not all ! The Music Frame is also equipped with the Adaptive Sound system, which, using the same principle, adjusts the voices scene by scene. In other words, no more going back and forth on the remote control to adjust the sound between two explosions.

And if you have a Samsung television compatible with Q-Symphony technology, the speaker will synchronize with the television speakers to increase sound immersion tenfold.

A picture frame ? No, a speaker

Unique in its kind, the Music Frame knows how to be discreet, fitting perfectly on a sideboard, a TV unit, or even hung on the wall like a real photo frame. It obviously forms a superb duo with The Frame television, and offers, like the latter, different customization capabilities.

The center panel is interchangeable, providing the ability to personalize the speaker with a piece of art, a personal photo, or even a pop culture item, such as vinyl. Samsung’s goal is clear: to offer a speaker that reflects your personality and stands out from ordinary audiovisual devices.

Until August 25, for the purchase of a Music Frame speaker, receive a work to personalize it.



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