Gmail now offers a new toolbar

Gmail now offers a new toolbar
Gmail now offers a new toolbar

Gmail for the web is updated with a new display for the toolbar: a simple version or an advanced version.

Messaging Gmail now displays a “simple toolbar” or an “advanced toolbar” which presents itself as an option for those who don’t want to search through the menu.

Google updates Gmail toolbar

Once activated, this update is visible when you are in one of your emails. The toolbar has indeed been simplified to display only five icons: “Archive”, “Report as spam”, “Delete”, “Mark as unread” and “Move to”. To see the others, you must “Activate the advanced toolbar”.

Source : Gmail / 01net

The option is accessible by clicking on the three small dots on the right to scroll through the menu. Once the advanced toolbar is selected, three additional buttons appear: “Hold”, “Add to Tasks” and “Labels”. This display therefore corresponds to the old version to which you were accustomed. Gmail thus purifies the interface by hiding the buttons which have surely been identified as being the least used.

After recently taking new measures to combat phishing and spam, Gmail continues to evolve its flagship messaging in small steps. For example, Google messaging could soon introduce a simple way to manage all your subscriptions.

Twenty years after its creation, Gmail now has more than 1.8 billion active users. In this situation, we can understand that Google does not want to completely disrupt the habits of its users and is developing its tool in small steps.

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