Tecno CAMON 30: The brand celebrates champions by fully reimbursing 100 customers after their purchase

Tecno CAMON 30: The brand celebrates champions by fully reimbursing 100 customers after their purchase
Tecno CAMON 30: The brand celebrates champions by fully reimbursing 100 customers after their purchase

TECNO MOBILE, after the first phase of champion celebration became a phenomenal event that spread by word of mouth across the country, the brand has taken a new step by once again relaunching a full refund campaign of 100 people named “CAMON 30, high tech celebrates champions”. During this campaign which was held from April 22 to May 31, 2024, anyone who purchased a model from the new CAMON 30 series left with the possibility of being drawn and the chance to be one of the 100 people who would be reimbursed. This activity has once again created disproportionate enthusiasm among all Ivorians.

The actual reimbursement did indeed take place this Saturday June 15, 2024 last in the brand’s magnificent boutique located inside the Playce Marcory shopping center.

A Brand at the Heart of its Customers

“I am delighted to have chosen the TECNO CAMON 30! Thanks to this 2nd incredible initiative, I was fully refunded a second time. Thank you, TECNO, for this generous gesture and for always thinking of us, your customers!

“At TECNO MOBILE, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction comes first. This is why we decided to mark this launch with a generous and altruistic gesture. By fully refunding 100 buyers of our CAMON 30 model, we want to express our gratitude and our commitment to always offering the best to those who trust us. »Related the brand representative.

This phone, designed to meet the varied needs of all users, is a symbol of the commitment to providing the best to those who trust the brand.

The CAMON 30: Technological Excellence at Your Fingertips

”What a pleasant surprise to receive a full refund after purchasing my CAMON 30! TECNO once again shows its commitment to its customers. Proud to be a user of TECNO products. ”

The CAMON 30 is not just a phone; it is a complete technological experience, designed to meet the varied needs of their users. With innovative features, exceptional photo quality and unparalleled performance, the CAMON 30 is the ideal tool for capturing and sharing moments of happiness, whether sporting victories or everyday moments.

With the CAMON 30, TECNO continues to push the boundaries of innovation to satisfy its most demanding customers.

A Celebration of Victory and Innovation

TECNO Ivory Coast associates the CAMON 30 series with the Africa Cup of Nations, hoping to show consumers not only the advantageous experience of the advanced technology and functions of the CAMON 30 series, but also their determination and confidence in mid- and high-end products. The CAMON 30 series, one of TECNO’s flagship products, is a reflection of the brand’s perception of future trends and technology-driven lifestyle practices. “We firmly believe that through continuous innovation and exploration, TECNO will continue to lead the technological trend in Ivory Coast, bringing users the latest and greatest technology, and continuously improving the user experience. » declared the representative of the brand

A Commitment to the Future

TECNO MOBILE doesn’t stop there. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and well-being is ongoing. It strives to regularly introduce innovations and initiatives that make a difference. With products like the CAMON 30, it reaffirms its leading position in the Ivorian market and its dedication to offering cutting-edge technological solutions.

For this reason, it has begun the process of implementing its announcement made during the CAN period, starting with Abidjan, an ambitious philanthropic initiative which aims to rehabilitate 100 community football fields across Africa. over the next five years. This initiative aims to encourage youth engagement, promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure access to quality land in disadvantaged communities.

Jack Guo, Managing Director of TECNO, passionately declared: “We are embarking on a mission to light up countless dreams by renovating 100 football fields in Africa,” highlighting the transformative power of TECNO’s initiative. Taylan Tankpinou, a 10-year-old boy, added: “Thanks to TECNO, we have better places to play and grow!



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