I played The Rogue Prince of Persia in early access

(…and I’m still so cruelly useless). After a delayed early access so as not to face Hades 2, The Rogue Prince of Persia was released on May 27 in early access. Behind this title which managed to avoid leaks and which appeared as a good surprise there is Evil Empire, the Bordeaux studio behind the resumption of the development of Dead Cells and Ubisoft the publisher of the Prince of Persia games in which is part this new opus.

Do you like the universe of Prince of Persia and the gameplay of Dead Cells? Welcome to The Rogue Prince of Persia! You only need to play the game for a few seconds to quickly realize that this new opus is very similar to its big brother, but with a redesigned artistic direction and characters from the Prince of Persia universe. Isn’t this ultimately just a reskin of Dead Cells? We are tempted on the one hand to say yes and on the other not totally since here the game is also designed to be a platformer and to meet the needs of the series and respect its universe, our Prince moves quickly, with lots of agility.

As its name suggests, this new opus is a roguelite (or Rogue-like) and for those who are not used to the genre, it involves exploring a dungeon whose levels are randomly generated, here various landscapes of Persia and to fight enemies there, the Huns. The game mainly revolves around a loop since the player is inevitably led to die, to reappear in a camp, in our game an oasis.

And the deaths in a loop are obviously very frustrating, but the player learns from his mistakes and through progression. Overall, this progression is hindered by one element, the fact of not saving the objects obtained in the levels if death occurs, which sometimes gives the feeling of going in circles and not progressing too much.

The game is extremely punitive, deaths are also an opportunity to discover new techniques to get rid of your opponents such as the foot kick which allows you to send an enemy backwards directly into spikes. Because our enemies, the Huns, took advantage of an error on the part of the Prince of Persia to invade Persia and take over shamanic black magic which always offered them more power. So while some are quite basic in their approach, others have ranged weapons and shields which are really a drain as it is sometimes difficult to get rid of them when enemies are hunting in groups!

In addition to the spirit glimmers that you must remember to secure so as not to lose them and which allow you to forge new weapons in the oasis, the coins which allow you to buy weapons, potions and medallions in the traveling shops that you come across, you will also have the opportunity to collect medallions in the levels. These artifacts have varied effects. You can both buy them and loot them from chests like a large number of resources, but above all you can only have 4 which can however be improved. You will have to juggle with the locations and medallions to achieve a combination of effects that suit you. by performing a given action, they allow you to recover parts, resin, inflict additional damage, recover life points, etc.

You will come across a whole bunch of NPCs in the levels. Some will give you quests, others will allow you to buy items or upgrade your weapons. Finally there are the bosses, including Berude, the first in the game a lively Minotaur who throws rocks and makes spikes appear on the ground. If you don’t have the necessary stuff, medallions and life, you will get nuked.

The artistic direction of this opus focuses on 2D environments and colorful characters, mainly in purple and red tones and it is honestly very successful. The animations are fluid, our hero moves with great ease and agility which is also reflected in his gesticulations. It’s not a question here of giving a realistic result, but rather of offering a more comic-book variation and it hits the mark, I love it, especially the background.

We can also very much talk about the game’s soundtrack, which is simply sublime! The music is captivating, sometimes accompanied by the sound of waves, guitar and female voices. Music with Persian inspirations without a doubt to which we will mix sounds of our time, more electronic. It’s signed ASADI, it’s a real pleasure for the ears and a real work in itself which deserves a vinyl like Ubisoft Music has been very good at offering us for several years now.

If the game is still in early access this is largely understandable. If the title is full of promise, it still lacks content. There is no doubt that Evil Empire, which largely contributed to the success of Dead Cells, will be able to make it a complete, less repetitive game and will refine certain details through updates and player feedback! For early access, The Rogue Prince of Persia is in any case based on very solid foundations!

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this product from https://www.keymailer.co



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