847,000 players for this free video game described as “stupid” by its developers

Game news 847,000 players for this free video game described as “stupid” by its developers

Published on 06/18/2024 at 3:50 p.m.

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This title is crazy. And not just a little! Maybe even a little too much.

A banana through word of mouth

We have already told you about it in the JV columns: Banana continues its crazy rise in the Steam charts. Developed by Sky, this title puts us face to face with a banana. The aim of the game ? As in any clicker game, you just have to click repeatedly with the mouse. In the case of Banana, this serves to increase the score… but not only that. Players are mainly rewarded with bananas with different designs in their Steam inventory. Each type of banana has its own real money value, and it is possible to sell or trade them. For example, one of the rarest bananas can fetch up to 1,300 euros. Recently, a special $10,000 banana was even offered in-game for one day. Not bad is not it ?

As of this writing, Banana has approximately 816,000 concurrent players, peaking at 847,000 in the last 24 hours, according to data from Steamcharts. It thus surpasses many successful games such as PUBG, Destiny 2 or even GTA V, and rises to second place among the most played software on Steam. The success of the game is based on three factors: its free nature, the promise of winnings, and of course word of mouth.

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Sexy bot

However, as one of the title’s developers revealed, many players are bots. “Unfortunately we are currently facing the bot issues, since the game uses practically only 1% of your PC resources, people are using up to 1000 alt accounts to get rarer items”, said the studio at Polygon. “I think the reason this game was passed is because it is a legal ‘infinite money glitch’“added a Sky representative. Users make money in free game by selling free virtual items” he adds with almost cynical lucidity.

Also at Polygon, the developers explained that they were in contact with Valve to try to limit bots, which could lower the recorded figures. As for whether behind Banana there is a scam or something related to NFTs, the developers persist and sign. It’s just a stupid game with bananas”, they say.

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