The Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS in 2024

Are you looking for an intuitive, yet comprehensive mobile app for creating captivating video montages? Discover in this selection the best solutions from the Play Store and the App Store.

What are the best free apps for your video projects?

Capcut, the multiplatform solution

Capcut, the multiplatform solution for your video editing // Source: Bytedance Pte. Ltd.

CapCut – Video Editor is a video editing application developed by Bytedance, the publishing company of TikTok. She hasa user-friendly and functional interfaceas well as many tools and elements in the catalog of stickers, effects, sounds, etc.

To use CapCut, you will have to juggle different multimedia elements, transitions, effects, adjustments, and numerous editing tools. Automatically imported into the timeline, your clips can be cut, transformed, moved, synchronized with music, etc. You can also adjust the scrolling speed of images, apply color filters, add text, stickers, sound, etc. It’s even possible to remove the background to isolate elements or subjects in your videos and place them in a new setting.

CapCut offers over 1000 different effects to personalize your videos and draw from the complete library of free music tracks to create your soundtrack or import your own music.

Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe’s powerhouse on mobile

Adobe Premiere Rush, the powerful Adobe Premiere Pro on mobileAdobe Premiere Rush, the powerful Adobe Premiere Pro on mobile
Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe’s powerhouse on mobile // Source: Adobe

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing application suitable for creation of short videos for social networks. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy for beginners and advanced users to create impressive videos. Simply drag and drop footage and add music from the built-in library or your own collection.

The entirely French interface makes video editing easy. To integrate media, simply click on the corresponding icon. Effects like filters, colors and changing speed can be added. Transformation tools such as cropping are also available.

The main advantages of Adobe Premiere Rush: a wide variety of built-in video templates and presets, as well as a library of royalty-free music and sound effects to enrich your video projects. Additionally, the app offers advanced video editing features such as image stabilization, color correction and resolution control.

Inshot, for video editing and much more

Inshot, for video editing, photo editing and collagesInshot, for video editing, photo editing and collages
Inshot, for video editing, photo retouching and collages // Source: InShot Inc.

InShot includes all the essential features of a video editing application, namely: cutting, deleting, dividing and merging clips to create fluid sequences, from an easy-to-use timeline. But InShot goes further by offering more advanced editing tools such as speed adjustment, filters and visual effects, stickers, text insertion, element overlay, etc.

Among the most interesting features, we can cite the insertion of vocal effects, slow motion, tracking an effect on a face or an element of your video, and the possibility of adding a voice-over. And if you are lacking inspiration, an AI-managed module offers you other possibilities such as sky replacement, 3D effects and special filters.

Another strong point of InShot is that it is not just a video editor. It’s also a photo editing and collage app. These are not the features we are interested in in this article, but they could make the difference if you have to choose an application among all those presented here.

VN Video & Photo Editing, for more experienced users

VN Video & Photo Editing, for more experienced video editing usersVN Video & Photo Editing, for more experienced video editing users
VN Video & Photo Editing, for more experienced video editing users // Source: Ubiquiti Labs, LLC

VN video editing is aimed at more experienced users. Not because of an overly complex interface, but because this application integrates very advanced features, generally reserved for desktop software. Indeed, VN – Montage Video & Photo offers a timeline capable of editing your video sequences with transitions, text, stickers, visual and sound effects…

But it also offers professional tools such as PiP, frame masking and blending, frame rates, freeze frame, LUT filters and keyframe animation. Adding subtitles and synchronizing with sound are also available features.

Let’s not forget to mention the export customization, allowing you to generate videos in 4K resolutionor even cross-platform management which allows you to start a project on your mobile device and continue it on your computer under Mac, for example.

Kinemaster, flexible and powerful

Kinemaster, a flexible and powerful mobile video editing applicationKinemaster, a flexible and powerful mobile video editing application
Kinemaster, a flexible and powerful mobile video editing application // Source: KineMaster Corporation

With Kinemaster, you will have the choice between 2500 elements (transitions, videos, images, music, animations, etc.) to personalize your video project. And yet, even with such a rich catalog of resources and a large number of features, the interface of this application remains simple and clean.

In addition to standard editing tools, found in most mobile video editing applications, Kinemaster integrates the Chroma Key (green screen system), multi-layer support (with a layer system), audio settings worthy of professionals,Pan & Zoom effect and many others. And if you’re feeling like Spielberg, you can change the resolution and frame rate on export up to 4K at 30 frames/second.

We will just regret that a watermark is affixed to your final video in the free version of the application. To obtain more resources and remove the watermark, it will be necessary to take out a subscription.

YouCut, InShot’s little brother

YouCut, the video editing application simpler than InShotYouCut, the video editing application simpler than InShot
YouCut, the video editing application simpler than InShot // Source: InShot Inc.

Developed by the publisher of InShot, YouCut offers a simplified version of video editing app, more particularly intended for editing videos for social networks. This app certainly offers fewer customization options and effects than its big brother, but it still offers essential editing features for simple video edits.

YouCut still has an intuitive timeline in which you can insert your video sequences, move them, cut them and edit them. The application is obviously equipped with transitions, stickers, a text tool and some effects and filters. Music and sound effects are also among the components available to personalize your project, with, in addition, a audio recording functionality to capture your voice for example.

YouCut also allows you to change the background color of your background and above all toadapt the resolution and dimensions of your video depending on the format of the social network.

Mojo, the little French for your stories

Mojo, the French video editing application for your storiesMojo, the French video editing application for your stories
Mojo, the French video editing application for your stories // Source: Archery Inc.

Are you used to stories and reels on social networks and are you looking for a video editing application that will help you save time and create captivating videos? Test Mojo. Developed in France, this free application offers a catalog of more than 1200 modelswith effects, transitions, sounds and animations for fans of TikTok, Instagram and company.

It also integrates tools adapted to this style of short and specific format, such asintegration of automatic subtitles with the possibility of editing and personalizing them, removing the background, integrating your brand kit or even publishing directly on social networks.

The free version of Mojo does not provide access to all templates and only allows the insertion of royalty-free music, photos, GIFs and videos, or your own. Subscriptions open the doors to the full store.

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