The Avowed RPG surprisingly reminds me of Skyrim and it could be a nice surprise. I was able to chat with the creators of the game

Game news The Avowed RPG surprisingly reminds me of Skyrim and it could be a nice surprise. I was able to chat with the creators of the game

Published on 06/15/2024 at 7:30 p.m.

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During Summer Game Fest, we were able to speak with Carrie Patel and Matt Hansen, respectively director and artistic director of RPG Avowed. Still planned for 2024, the game remains shrouded in mystery, with no journalist having yet been able to put their faces on it. But that doesn’t stop us from asking questions to find out more.

From the creators of “Insert iconic RPG here”

It’s impossible to think of classic RPGs without thinking of Obsidian Entertainment. Formed by alumni of Black Isle Studios (Fallout), the firm has been a true pillar of the genre for over 20 years now with games like Fallout New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity. The latter even gives Avowed a universe: the world of Eora. However, Avowed is not a sequel but a license in its own right, which obviously requires a lot of design work. If using a universe that is already in-depth in two games does, it is true, bring some convenience, director Carrie Patel really wants new players not to be lost in the face of issues that they don’t understand. Thus, the specificities of each region, the history of the factions as well as the general lore such as the Gods must be clear to anyone, which requires creating new characters. For his part, Matt Hansen says he appreciates the constraint of having to deal with a pre-established universe in order to expand it without betraying it. It’s all the more interesting when we know that Avowed is a first-person RPG where the two Pillars of Eternity were in bottom view. The idea of ​​experiencing characters from a different, more detailed perspective was as exciting for the development team as it will be for fans of Obsidian’s games.

= A real artistic choice =

Watching the latest Avowed trailer released during the Xbox Showcase, I was surprised by the dichotomy between the rather dark themes addressed by the story and the very colorful, even cartoonish aspect of the design. The dust jacket is also the perfect representation of this contrast with the skeleton of a knight which seems to be torn in a myriad of colors, from green to purple/wine (which seems to be a thematic color which recurs a lot in ‘elsewhere). This visual mix between the codes of death and life is a real desire of artistic director Matt Hensen who says he has always been surprised to see games that want to be “historical”, at least in their stylistics, approach places with grayish colors which immediately give an old-fashioned appearance. A common error due to the fact that our vision of castles and other buildings of yesteryear is shaped by what we see today, whereas in their time, they were often full of colors which have disappeared over time ( the temples of Egypt are one of the most obvious cases). Rather than drowning his universe in sepia tones to promote a nostalgic side, Matt Hensen wanted on the contrary to show to what extent the world of Avowed is alive and above all, dangerous. As in nature a very toxic creature or plant often displays extremely bright colors, it will be the same for the Living Lands. A rather daring choice quite far from what players are used to seeing, but which will allow Obsidian’s game to have its own touch.

Obsidian listening?

One of the pitfalls that was made during the presentation of the first gameplay images of Avowed pointed out the combat, which seemed very soft. Carrie Patel wanted to reassure the players by indicating that the teams had received the message. From animations to visual and sound effects, they worked on the gameplay to give more impact to the shots in order to make the whole thing dynamic, which can also be verified in the few passages of gameplay published in the last podcast. However, if the combat and the story have had the pride of the various presentations of Avowed so far, Carrie Patel and Matt Hansen indicate that their RPG will also be an exploration game, with quests entirely dedicated to this and the desire to reward the player who wants to leave the natural path of the scenario to go wandering in this not at all suspicious cave seen in the distance. This is, casually, an important design element as it is difficult for players to imagine an open world without a certain dimension of exploration, especially since Breath of the Wild.

In any case, Avowed piques players’ curiosity with its bold choices and players’ natural trust in Obsidian Entertainment. It will be available Day One on Game Pass, which means that many people will try it as soon as it is released, on an unspecified date in 2024. Let’s hope that it lives up to the ambitions of the American studio.



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