“No, PSVR 2 was not considered” The PS5’s Super Mario definitely turns its back on virtual reality. There is no hope of a VR update…

Game news “No, PSVR 2 was not considered” The PS5’s Super Mario definitely turns its back on virtual reality. There is no hope of a VR update…

Published on 06/14/2024 at 11:50

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Put away your PSVR 2! Appearing in 2018 and returning in 2020 as a free demo, Sony’s new flagship license is back, but warns players: there will be no virtual reality.

A robot on a flat screen

Astro Bot, Sony’s new mascot, returns in a third adventure which – according to Nicolas Doucet, creative director and studio head of Team Asobi – was always planned. It was during an interview with Push Square he explains that once the development of Astro’s Playroom was completed, the team went straight to work on a real console episode. He also clarifies that support for PSVR 2 was never really consideredthe reason being, according to Doucet, the platform game and VR which have “two completely different design philosophies”.

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When we talk about VR for a game like Astro, it has to be completely designed for this medium. Some titles can afford to be hybrid, like first-person games, because there is greater similarity. But in our case, the design philosophy of the two is very, very different. It was a decision to expand the world of Astro’s Playroom to other lands and bring the character to the forefront. From the beginning, that was really our goal. – Nicolas Doucet (Push Square)

Another cold shower for PSVR 2 owners, but a relief for the rest of the players, the vast majority of whom do not benefit from said hardware and who will still be able to enjoy the title.

A robot kit

This time addressing IGNNicolas Doucet returned to Astro Bot in its entirety, explaining that the latter benefits from more than 80 levels and 300 robots to save. Numbers which do not seem to be fixed since it also specifies that the title would receive free DLC shortly after launch, which will add, among other things, more short so-called “challenge” levels. It therefore seems that the game has not yet reached its full version and everything suggests that it could continue to accommodate additional content afterwards.

In this next opus, Astro will have to travel through nearly 6 different galaxies, each made up of several biomes, whether they are fine sandy beaches, through lush forests or even more or less dormant volcanoes. The game is highly anticipated, already considered by some as “the Mario of the PS5”, also a herald of experiences more accessible to young audiences on the machine, thus competing with Nintendo which has reigned supreme in this area for several generations. Astro Bot is expected on September 6, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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