But what is this mysterious object released into space by a top secret Chinese ship?

But what is this mysterious object released into space by a top secret Chinese ship?
But what is this mysterious object released into space by a top secret Chinese ship?

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The United States Space Force (USSF) knows for sure. An unidentified Chinese spacecraft has dropped a mysterious object into space and no one knows what it is, as reported by online media outlet Interesting Engineering.

This is not a first, as China has already carried out such maneuvers in 2023, still with the same space shuttle. Before knowing more, the object has been named and it now has the sweet number of “59884” (or “2023-195G”).

In orbit since December 14, 2023, the spacecraft has since deployed several strange objects, some of which emit signals. Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Massachusetts), may know why.

“A new object (59884/2023-195G) was cataloged in association with the Chinese CSSHQ spaceplane in a 602 x 608 kilometer orbit at 50.0 degrees inclination. It appears to have been ejected around 19:00 UTC on May 24.wrote the British-American researcher two days later on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Who are you 59884?

“This object could be a deployed sub-satellite, or it could be a piece of material ejected before the mission ended and deorbit (the first flight of the space plane did something similar) . It will be interesting to see if the shuttle maneuvers or lands soon.added Jonathan McDowell.

Obviously, we should not rely too much on China to enlighten the United States Space Force and that is normal. The program seems ultra secret, since no Chinese space authority has communicated about it. Nothing is known about the shuttle or its mission.

A single official mention, cryptic to say the least, was published on December 14, 2023 by the Chinese national news agency Xinhua, which mentions a “reusable technology” and “scientific experiences” in order to “providing technical support for the peaceful use of space”. We didn’t understand anything either.

The capabilities of the vessel would, however, be comparable to those of Boeing’s American X-37B space plane, an experimental shuttle developed by NASA in the late 1990s and today managed by the very recent USSF (created in December 2019). . Their primary goal is to perfect the technologies necessary for reusable spacecraft, in order to reduce costs and facilitate space exploration.

The other missions planned within this American project are secret, showing that China is not the only secretive one in space.



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