How to Compress Dozens of Images in One Go

How to Compress Dozens of Images in One Go
How to Compress Dozens of Images in One Go

If you run a website and are concerned about getting it ranked well, you may have learned that GoogleGoogle takes into account a series of indices called the Web Core Vitals or “essential web signals”, in order to assign an overall rating to a web page, which rating will influence its SEO. And if there is one criterion that has become dear to Google, it is that of speedspeed. The faster a page loads, the more it increases its chances, in the long run, of being well ranked on the Google search engine.

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Image compression tools

The simplest solution to speed up the loading time of a web page is to reduce the size of image files. And to do this, there are many appsapps available. Compression is a proven technology that has been in use for decades. Thus, the algorithm on which the JPG format is based attempts to eliminate in an image the details that theeyeeye difficult to perceive. And the one that the PNG format relies on uses techniques such as differential encoding: instead of recording each pixel, PNG records the difference between a pixel and neighboring pixels.

Reduce the size of a single image

It is possible to compress an image file from photo editing software like Photoshop by deliberately reducing the quality. So, for a file JPGJPG, if you save a file with a quality factor between 70 and 90 (out of 100), the loss of quality is imperceptible for visuals displayed on a screen. There are also extremely effective tools such as Squoosh which was developed by Google.

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Reduce the size of multiple images

However, operating frame by frame is a tedious operation. There are online tools that can work on a large number of images in a single operation using proven default settings. Several of them are particularly effective:

  • TinyPNG can operate on 20 images at a time. It works on JPG, PNG and WebP formats;
  • Likewise, Optimizilla can handle up to 20 images in one pass. It processes JPG, PNG and GIF formats;
  • IloveIMG can operate on 30 files at a time. In practice, we were able to give him a little more (35 files) without him balking at the task. It works on JPG, PNG, SVG or GIF formats;
  • Shortpixel can perform compression on 50 files at a time, which is very practical. It works on JPG, PNG and GIF files. Shortpixel claims to use optimized compression algorithms to obtain images that are as faithful to the original as possible. It offers 3 quality levels, the one titled Lossy (lossy) being the most efficient in terms of Google’s speed criteria; Glossy (glossy) performs less severe compression and attempts to maintain high quality.

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Implementing Shortpixel

Here’s how to implement Shortpixel. Register on the site using the button Free Sign Up. Then choose Compress.

On the page in question, choose the setting Lossy if image file size reduction is the factor that matters most to you. You can influence certain settings such as the desired maximum width. You can also ignore these settings and stick to the default options. Simply click in the windowwindow blue to load your images. You can also drag and drop them.

Shorpixel analyzes each image in order to detect for each what level of compression it can obtain without loss of quality and this level can vary greatly. It displays a thumbnail of each visual with the percentage in question. The average seems to be around an image size equivalent to 70% of the original size.

Note that in the free version, the original files must have a maximum size of 10 MB, otherwise they will not be processed.

Once the compression is complete, click on the red button Download to download smaller files. You recover a file ZIPZIP. Once the files are unzipped, simply replace the original files with those that have been compressed. You will also, of course, need to upload them to your website.

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