The art of explaining – Thot Cursus

Twelve educational formulas that can be used remotely

It covers in detail 12 educational formulas that can be used online or remotely. Presented by Hélène Tyrbas de Chamberet, university pedagogy advisor at the Teaching Support Service of Laval University

The digital portfolio – Role, usefulness and relevance***

Description, existing initiatives, issues and challenges

Microlearning: a learning flow integrated into the working day

How to reconcile work and training? An Austrian company provides a very convincing answer to this question.

“Cords” to untie, to learn to listen, see and grow

Pierre Chemin is a media education trainer, audiovisual director and musician dad. His three “Cords”: musical, pictorial and North/South are gifts given to his three children. A special way of having awakened them to the world of sounds, to the visual artistic dimension in their early childhood and, when they became older, to the richness of North/South relationships. A trilogy to happily discover to learn to listen, see, then grow.

Train in inventory operations with Santa Claus

Why is Santa Claus at the head of a “success story”? Thanks to a brand of desirable products that allows it to outsmart the competition? No, since it is multi-brand. Through innovations? No because it can deliver products that are not necessarily innovative (the Kapla boards are still under the tree). Through a large-scale promotional campaign? Certainly, but it is the others who provide him with wide media coverage. SO ?….

Santa Claus is at the head of a long-lasting company that follows flawless management. Besides, what does Santa necessarily do after the tour on December 25? His inventory!



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