after the dazzling success, players abandon the game

Three months after its release and its simultaneous player peaks, Helldiverse 2 begins to feel the blow. The latest updates and desires elsewhere have caused the number of players to drop drastically.

Landed on PS5 and PC in early February, Helldiverse 2 had the effect of a bomb in the 2024 video game landscape. In three months, the game has accumulated more than 12 million sales, making it the best launch of a Playstation game.

Supported by streamers who flocked to this slightly offbeat 3rd person multiplayer shooter, Arrowhead’s game benefited from a crazy craze, shortly after the wave Palworld and before that of Supermarket Simulator. The Steam platform even recorded up to 458,709 players simultaneously. Enough to get excited about a highly anticipated sequel which took eight years to make its return.

If Playstation in particular thought it would hold its exclusive multiplayer game there to see it come in the long term, the backlash is already coming.

Gamers angry with Playstation

According to SteamDB figures spotted by the Eurogamer site, Helldiverse 2 recorded a peak of players at only 166,305 soldiers simultaneously over the last 30 days, a 64% drop and has even seen its number of players decrease regularly since the end of February.

Helldivers 2 player audience on Steam between the end of February and the end of May 2024 © SteamDB

If wear and tear after the “hype” can often explain the decline in interest for a title, the gradual disenchantment with Helldiverse 2 also seems to have a cyclical explanation. Playstation’s bad decisions requiring PC players to have a PSN account to play or even the disappointing updates – notably the addition of mechas, flying insects – have partly driven away fans of the game. The title even had been removed from 177 countries that did not have access to the PSN. The players ended up getting the better of Sony and told the studio of their disappointment with the new features.

Because the multiple updates for such a young game have also not failed to destabilize those most involved, already frustrated by the numerous bugs and other inconveniences. To the point that Johan Pilestedt, the boss of Arrowhead, had to make a mea culpa, recognizing that the team had perhaps gone a little far in its modifications of the game and promising less frequent updates, but of better quality .


Helldivers 2, the surprise box

Like many games that create a sensation when they are released, helped by influencers who stream their games for hours before abandoning them, Helldiverse 2 has undoubtedly returned to a level that suits it more and will ensure its longevity with a solid and committed community. An important asset to cherish according to Pilestedt who praised the company’s commitment to its game and asked developers to be more engaged and attentive to their community. It must be said that the raid on Steam to lower the game’s rating after updates that had displeased it must have quickly made people think and open their ears.



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