On Windows, photos captured on your smartphone will soon be even more useful to you

An update to Mobile Connecté will allow you to copy text taken in a photo from your Android smartphone.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 // Source: Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

For several years, Microsoft has offered Android smartphone users a particularly practical application: Link with Windows.

This application already allows Android smartphone users to access, from their Windows PC, notifications displayed on the smartphone, received SMS messages or photos captured with their phone. However, a new feature now allows you to go a little further, the way iPhones and Macs already work in the Apple ecosystem.

Text that can be copied or translated

As reported by the American site The Vergean update to the Mobile Connecté application – available on PC to interact with a smartphone – now allows users to directly copy text captured with a smartphone photo to keep it in the Windows clipboard.

Analysis of text in an image on Mobile Connecté // Source: The Verge

Concretely, if you photograph a book page with the smartphone camera, the image will then be displayed in the Mobile Connecté application and an option will then allow you to copy the text of this page to your clipboard on Windows. Enough to then allow you to use it in a Google Docs document as well as for a presentation or an Internet search. Another use could be that of a screenshot from your smartphone, with the possibility of copying all the text from the photo transferred to the Windows PC. In addition, the functionality will also automatically translate the text displayed in the image into the desired language.

For the moment, the functionality has not yet been rolled out to all users. As indicated The Verge, it is reserved for users using the Insider Preview version 22635.3646 in beta of Mobile Connecté. It is not yet known when it will be offered in final version to all Android smartphone and Windows PC users.

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