Summer Game Fest 2024 conferences and schedules

The time has already come Summer Game Fest 2024 and its conferences. And if the event is ultimately a huge grouping of small events, which can last until July, the bulk of the festivities will take place this year from June 6 to 10. A horde of conferences are therefore planned for this niche, with their announcements, trailers, revelations and world premiere. Most of the players in the video game world are present, whether during the main show or with their dedicated presentation. We have therefore prepared for you a complete schedule of Summer Game Fest 2024 conferences, with timetables so you don’t miss any announcements.

Last updated: May 27, 2024

Schedule and schedules of Summer Game Fest 2024 conferences

  • Guerrilla Collective 2024 – Thursday June 6 at 7 p.m.
  • Summer Game Fest 2024 – Friday June 7 at 11 p.m.
  • Day of the Devs 2024 – Saturday June 8 at 1 a.m.
  • Devolver Direct – Saturday June 8 at 2 a.m.
  • Wholesome Direct 2024 – Saturday June 8 at 7 p.m.
  • Future Games Show: Summer Showcase – Saturday June 8 at 9 p.m.
  • Xbox Games Showcase 2024 – Sunday June 9 at 7 p.m.
  • PC Gaming Show 2024 – Sunday June 9 at 10 p.m.
  • Ubisoft Forward – Monday June 10

Guerrilla Collective 2024

Thursday June 6, 2024 – 7 p.m.
To follow on Twitch and YouTube – 90 minutes

It has become a stronghold of the independent sector, the Guerrilla Collective is obviously there this year. If nothing has leaked yet, the 90 minutes of presentations should be rich in memorable games. Last year highlighted Remnant 2, Kingdom Eighties or
Nocturnal, so the range of possibilities is quite wide. And exclusives are promised.

Summer Game Fest 2024 – The main event

Friday June 7, 2024 – 11 p.m.
To follow on Twitch and YouTube – 2 hours

Here’s Geoff Keighley’s big barnum again, for two hours of show that felt like eight. On the program: segments sponsored by energy drinks, Geoff’s friends and a horde of messages disconnected from reality regarding the health of the industry. Oh and maybe a little video game, AAA (and more if you like) and world premierebecause apparently it is the heart of the event, but that remains to be demonstrated.

Day of the Devs 2024

Saturday June 8, 2024 – 1 a.m.
To follow on YouTube – 1 hour

A little moment for creatives, just after the Summer Game Fest. An initiative launched by Double Fine and iam8bit, the presentation aims to highlight the diversity and creativity of the world of video games, and obviously independent creations. There is often something for everyone, but good surprises can be hidden.

Devolver Direct

Saturday June 8, 2024 – 2 a.m.
To follow on YouTube – 20 minutes

20 minutes of presentation to celebrate Volvy, the iconic Devolver mascot who made the show in 2023 and is logically celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Between two sketches still so perched we should see The Plucky Squire, Human Fall Flat 2 or Anger Football.




Saturday June 8, 2024 – 7 p.m.
To follow on Twitch and YouTube – 1 hour

The segment that smells of love, cute animals, farming games, and anything that could have glitter. And unfortunately, still an extremely extensive catalog, with more than 70 titles announced on the program. You will therefore have to hang on to hope to stand out from the crowd, and it’s a shame when a bit of curation would help avoid indigestion and really highlight a few nuggets.

Future Games Show: Summer Showcase

Saturday June 8, 2024 – 9 p.m.
To follow on Twitch and YouTube – 90 minutes

Formerly a somewhat shaky event, the Future Games Show has over the years become a moment to highlight independent games and AA productions. Even if in terms of staging, it’s still not that. Already announced in the program are the titles of Supermassive Games, Behavior Interactive or NetEase. And once again, the show will be presented by dubbing stars, namely this year Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2) and Britt Baron (Final Fantasy VII Rebirth).



Xbox Games Showcase 2024

Sunday June 9, 2024 – 7 p.m.
To follow on Twitch and Youtube – 2 hours

Obviously Microsoft is answering the call to have its big presentation. Except that the atmosphere may be a little special this year. It’s difficult to make big speeches about the love of video games, the good health of the industry and the creativity of the company when studios are closing and layoffs are pouring in. But not impossible, as Phil Spencer is a master at diverting attention. A little t-shirt referring to a forgotten license, two or three empty promises, and the fans will have already forgotten everything. In short, a great balancing act in perspective, and which risks making many people cringe. Ah, and the conference will be followed by an hour of presentation of the new
Call of Duty.

PC Gaming Show 2024

Sunday June 9, 2024 – 10 p.m.
To follow on Twitch and YouTube – minimum 2 hours

Will we be treated to one of the most embarrassing conferences of Summer Game Fest 2024? Probably. Will this year’s PC Gaming Show once again push the boundaries of cringe? It’s very likely. Because for years, the meeting has transformed into a sum of segments that no one really asked for, where questionable special effects and questionable jokes mix. All interspersed with sponsored segments, because the goal is still to bring in money. So, in the middle of all that, there are sometimes a few passages where we talk about video games, and even more rarely where we see gameplay. But the best thing is not to inflict this timeless moment on yourself, and to watch for the trailers posted on YouTube once it’s finally over.

Ubisoft Forward

Monday June 10, 2024 – ?
To follow on Twitch and Youtube – probably 1 hour

Ubisoft has refocused on its goose that lays the golden eggs
Assassin’s Creedand the next title Shadows
will of course be there. As Star Wars Outlaws, expected for the end of summer. For the rest, we never really know what to expect, since projects are as easily announced as abandoned on the French publisher’s side. More Assassin’s Creed? Far Cry? Probably.

And then, everything else

A Nintendo Direct will take place during this period, although the exact date has not yet been announced. We already know that it will focus on the titles planned for Switch by the end of the year, in an atmosphere of bottom of drawers for the end of the console’s life.

For the moment, no news from Sony, even if many rumors point to a State of Play which could slip in before the Summer Game Fest.



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