humans shaken by artificial intelligence

Anthropologist and essayist Paul Jorion delivers the fascinating story of the advent of artificial intelligence. He reflects on its implications and its future, to which that of all humanity as a species is inextricably linked.

This article is taken from the monthly magazine Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche n°927, dated May 2024.

And Man became god… nevertheless quickly overtaken by his creatures, according to Paul Jorion, author of this striking essay.

Dive into singularity

Disproportionately powerful AIs, which increase their performance exponentially, plunge us into the singularity, coinciding with the arrival of ChatGPT-4. This AI would be endowed with consciousness, according to human-machine interactions in its unrestrained version, prohibited to the public. The author reviews the evolution of technologies and describes the Large Language Model (LLM), the mode of operation of new AI. Which would, for the moment, have a weak point: the impossibility of updating themselves. No fears? The ace !

Confusing but stimulating analysis

Q* AI would bring down all our encryption systems! And the great replacement awaits, that of human labor by that of robots – why not a tax to compensate those displaced? But let’s imagine that humans, overwhelmed by AI, instead of being depressed choose empathy and mutual aid… Confusing but stimulating analysis.

Editions Textuel – Book – The Advent of the Singularity

The Advent of the SingularityPaul Jorion, Textual, 124 p., €14.90

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