Soulslinger: Envoy Of Death Experiments With Secondary Weapon In Its Latest Patch

Since the early access release of Soulslinger: Envoy of Death in December 2023, the developers have continued to make updates to improve their game. For those who have not followed, it is a fast-FPS rogue-lite in which we clear arenas successive, while gradually increasing in power, whether temporarily or permanently. As we told you during our preview, the feeling is very good, in particular thanks to remarkable work on the gunplay and movements. And despite gameplay based on a single weapon to choose before going on a run, we really enjoyed this little indie game. About ten days ago, the development team decided to experiment with adding a second weapon in runs, which seems, on paper, to radically change the direction in terms of gameplay.

We tested quickly, and ultimately, it doesn’t change much: in fact, it is always more comfortable to stay on the same weapon from start to finish to keep a certain muscle memory, especially since the passage from one to the other is not particularly faster than a reload. So we didn’t really find the benefit of this functionality. However, this does not degrade the basic experience, so if some people can find any benefit, we will not spit on it. Other improvements, adjustments and bug fixes have also been included in this patch 0.452, the full list of which you can find in the patch note on Steam.

If Soulslinger: Envoy of Death interests you, know that it is currently on sale on Steam at –30%, or a little less than €13 until June 5.



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