The Achievement Hunter Section presents: Awesome Pea 3

The month of May is favorable for the release of many games on our Xbox Series X|S, an opportunity for hunters to easily earn 1000G. The perfect time to add a new game to our hunter section, and Sometimes You is doing it with Awesome Pea 3. This platform game closes its adventure on our consoles with a third and final part that will be a pleasure to the players.

Pixel Art, here you go

The developers of Sometimes You are regulars in our section, offering diverse and varied games, but Awesome Pea stands out from the crowd, and has managed to bring together hunters year after year. For this last part of the saga, the studio has innovated with a renewed graphics engine and a new gameplay system. It is on this point that we will focus, since you will now have the possibility of walking on the walls, by simply holding your joystick . This addition brings renewed pleasure for players like us, after a disappointing Awesome Pea 2 in this area. The 69 levels that make up the game will pass more easily, with an agile and light character. Of course, the old gameplay mechanics are still there, and the touch HAS will be useful for performing jumps. It will be possible to use both abilities simultaneously to make your task easier.

But Sometimes You is not content with a change in its gameplay, it has also renewed its graphics engine and gives a modern side to Awesome Pea 3. Without distorting its work, and keeping a Pixel-art style, it’s difficult to fault what whether it is gambling in this area. The same goes for the diversity of levels offered, with colors in line with the best current platform games. The Chiptune soundtrack also does its job perfectly, and will never distract the player when you are faced with the most difficult levels. Besides, this is a bit of the annoying subject on Awesome Pea 3, as the hardness of the levels is uneven. You can stay stuck at level 10, or even at level 20, but easily chain levels from 50 to 69. If the studio wants to address all players, it absolutely must resolve this problem so as not to leave the novices on the floor.

69 levels of fun

The achievement list contains 24 achievements for a total of 1000G. If you are a fan of the genre, allow between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes to get 100%. On the other hand, if you are new to the world of platform games, you will need at least 3-4 hours to familiarize yourself with Awesome Pea. Also know that and its Discord will be there to help you in case of problems.

Awesome Pea 3 is available now on the Microsoft Store with a price of €4.99.

We thank Somtimes You for providing us with a dematerialized version of Awesome Pea 3, and #AchieveHunt for its explanatory video to get the 100%.



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