3 inexpensive tips to reduce privacy at home

3 inexpensive tips to reduce privacy at home
3 inexpensive tips to reduce privacy at home

These tips can be applied to a garden as well as to a balcony or terrace. I promise, they won’t require a lot of investment in time and money.

To hide from other homes or the road, it is always nice to have a little outdoor area out of sight. You will be able to dine, read, rest… peacefully, without worrying about the neighborhood.

Palisades, but made of wood

In panels or rolls depending on the material you choose, the fences are effective in cutting off the world and they can be installed in no time. For a warm look, choose wood. These fences are often purchased already treated, but a small coat of stain each year before the arrival of nice weather is strongly recommended. This will allow them to be preserved over time.

Your fences can be completely blackout if you decide to place panels.

Or, they will serve as a privacy screen if you choose a roll of dried bamboo. This material generally brings a little exotic touch.

We don’t forget the “second hand” options for fences and in particular establishments like RotorDC, a company which values ​​and gives a second life to equipment of all kinds.

Plant separations, for its airy style

If you prefer to bring greenery, for a house, we prefer plant hedges to plant throughout the garden to create a natural separation. You protect yourself from others while being immersed in nature. We love them for their airy side and for not feeling “locked in”. Which can sometimes be perceived with opaque fences. Little advice: adopt plants or shrubs according to the climate where you live.

For terraces or balconies, we appreciate the option of shrubs or plants in pots or planters which allow you to obtain a nice result, even if you don’t have grass on the ground!

Shade sails, and their ease

The simplest solution is to install a shade sail. It will be used to obscure a small space without depriving yourself of the entire view. The veil is very practical for apartment exteriors. For example, it ensures that your upstairs neighbors cannot observe what you do in your afternoons. Choose a light-colored canvas to prevent your garden, terrace or balcony from turning into an oven.

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