An exceptional promo awaits you at CyberGhost VPN

An exceptional promo awaits you at CyberGhost VPN
An exceptional promo awaits you at CyberGhost VPN

You may be thinking that to benefit from a quality VPN, you have to pay the price. So, if it is true that most free VPNs should be avoided, know that CyberGhost currently offers its optimal services at an unbeatable price: €2.19 per month.

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But, what exactly does CyberGhost VPN offer? Actually, the answer is: a lot of things. This VPN publisher, which appeared in 2011 and is based in Romania, actually has many advantages to offer you. Online security, freedom of navigation and ease of use are three examples.

The multiple advantages of VPN

We just said it in the introduction, CyberGhost has many advantages, but what are they really? First of all, know that CyberGhost gives you access to great freedom of navigation. To do this, it has more than 10,000 servers around the world, spread across around a hundred different countries.

You will therefore be able to choose in which of these territories you wish to locate yourself virtually, and it will be possible for you to fool geolocation systems. To enable this, CyberGhost changes your IP address, which provides information about your geographic location.

Therefore, you will be able to unblock content from around the world, such as television channels, game servers, streaming programs or even websites. Next, note that CyberGhost is one of the most secure VPNs in the world.

To protect you online and in connected applications, it encrypts your connection end-to-end. It also completely hides your real IP address and gives you access to options like the Kill Switch. This feature suspends your connection if the VPN is disconnected, for added security.

CyberGhost also applies a strict no-logging policy which ensures that your data is not stored in any way. You will agree, these are significant advantages, and CyberGhost offers them in a quality service.

A unique offer at only €2.19 per month

The good news is that all of these benefits that we have just mentioned are currently available at an unbeatable price. Indeed, CyberGhost is currently displaying a unique promotional offer, which is dropping its price impressively.

It is the 2-year subscription to the service that is concerned, and this benefits from an immediate reduction of 82%. But that’s not all. Added to this are 2 months of free plan, added to the subscription. The total duration of the subscription is therefore extended to 26 months, for a total price of only €56.94.

If we put this at the monthly level, this corresponds to an expense of only €2.19. We might as well tell you like we think: you won’t find cheaper elsewhere for a VPN of this quality.

This is all the more advantageous as this subscription does not come alone. It also includes a number of 7 simultaneous connections, which allows you to cover all your devices, share it with your family and even help out your friends if necessary.

Also, an extended money-back guarantee is included in this promotion. This is 45 days, so you can get started without stress and try the tool fully before making a final decision. So, don’t hesitate.

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Quick user guide for CyberGhost

VPNs are easy tools to use, but CyberGhost is particularly accessible, even to beginners. To get started, simply follow the links in this article to go to the publisher’s official website.

Once this is done, you can choose the offer you want (including the €2.19 offer of course) and follow the steps to register and subscribe. It only takes a few minutes and then you have access to download the tool.

In terms of compatibility, you should know that the CyberGhost application is compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux) but is also suitable for Smart TVs, connected boxes or even routers. Downloading and installing the software is automatic and fast, and you can then log in.

The VPN is immediately operational, and a click on the On/Off button is enough to activate it. To choose a virtual location, you must click on the desired country in the list displayed on the interface. Then browse normally, leaving the VPN running in the background, and that’s it. It is very simple.

And if you’re worried, CyberGhost offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, so you’ll never be stuck. So you can get started without fear.

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