Asus reacts once again and revamps the warranty process to address major concerns raised by the GamersNexus ROG Ally repair debacle

Asus reacts once again and revamps the warranty process to address major concerns raised by the GamersNexus ROG Ally repair debacle
Asus reacts once again and revamps the warranty process to address major concerns raised by the GamersNexus ROG Ally repair debacle

At ASUS, we pride ourselves on delivering incredible products that deliver a best-in-class experience to each of our customers. We recognize that our warranty, RMA communications, and repair services have not always met these high standards, and we are committed to doing better.

That’s why we launched an initiative to overhaul our customer service processes. You can see the first changes at the link below, but over the coming months we will make even more improvements, based on the feedback we received directly from you. In the interest of transparency, we will publicly detail these changes in a new section of our support site. You can follow the latest updates at any time by visiting this page:

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve your experience and look forward to serving you.

Improved ASUS repairs and services:

As a member of the ASUS Customer Service team, we want to reassure our customers that repairs covered by the manufacturer’s limited warranty have always been free and will continue to be free. We continually strive to improve your service experience and provide transparency throughout our repair process. We value our customer feedback and are pleased to announce significant updates to our RMA communications, repairs and services to better serve you. Important updates have been made to improve our overall repair communication. These enhancements include more comprehensive information for warranty and out-of-warranty services, available via email, in print, and on our website:

1) Clearer communication in quote emails: We have improved our communication strategy to eliminate technical jargon and prioritize clarity. Instead of complex technical explanations, we now focus on clear, high-quality photos to illustrate possible damage, accompanied by simple explanations. If a customer feels that an email exchange is unclear, we promptly take follow-up action by email or telephone to answer their questions.

2) Video and Photo Documentation: In the United States and Canada, we take videos or photos when receiving and opening incoming packages and when sending outgoing packages. This documentation makes it possible to check the condition of the product upon arrival and departure from the repair center, to identify transport-related damage and to guarantee the fairness of any possible claims.

3) Transparent repair reports: Starting September 30, 2024, we will introduce a new format for our repair reports. These new reports will provide more detailed descriptions of the issues you reported and the results of our comprehensive device testing. This initiative aims to keep you fully informed about the status of your device and services performed in an easy-to-understand manner.

4) Improved Service Communication: Starting September 30, 2024, we will completely revamp our repair and customer service communication processes, with a focus on clarity, transparency and efficiency . This will include streamlining email correspondence, providing clear instructions and offering personalized support to respond to requests quickly. Additionally, we have changed the way paid repairs are offered and explained to customers for out-of-warranty products. These changes have already been implemented:

5) Changed Repair Prices for Damaged Components: We are now offering quotes for cost-effective labor and component repairs rather than full unit replacements, whenever possible. In cases where a functional repair by changing ports or connectors is not possible, ASUS will offer to replace the device at an appropriate price determined by the extent of the reported damage.

6) Refined repair options for cosmetic damage: We now provide repair quotes for out-of-warranty cosmetic damage only when that damage impacts the functionality of the device or when cosmetic repairs are specifically requested by the customer. Cosmetic repairs covered by the device’s limited warranty, such as new items damaged in transit, will always be offered free of charge.

7) Improved Quote Accuracy: In the United States and Canada, we have improved our systems to ensure more accuracy and transparency in our quotes. This involves updating the device price based on a fair market value, as well as adding additional verification steps to minimize pricing inconsistencies.

Our dedicated customer support team is available at 1-888-678-3688 (for the United States and Canada), or can be reached directly through the ASUS support website at /support/.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding your experience with our customer service, please contact us. As soon as we contact you, we will examine your case in detail and provide you with the necessary assistance. Please rest assured that ASUS is actively investigating customer issues and proactively offering solutions.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we are committed to helping you resolve your situation quickly and ensuring fair and transparent services for all our customers. Thank you for your continued trust in ASUS products and services.



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