iFixit throws in the towel, Samsung does not play the repairability game

iFixit throws in the towel, Samsung does not play the repairability game
iFixit throws in the towel, Samsung does not play the repairability game

The company iFixit has just announced the end of its partnership with the South Korean manufacturer Samsung. In the press release announcing the news, the company explains the reasons which ended this partnership. According to iFixit, the price of parts and repair tools is too high. It pushes users to switch to new smartphones, rather than repairing the old one.

iFixit also regrets that Samsung has not released official replacement parts since the release of the Galaxy S22 two years ago. In short, Samsung’s vision of repairability did not agree with iFixit’s values, the company has therefore decided to end its partnership with the manufacturer as of next month.

iFixit and Samsung, it’s over

Very concretely, from June 1, iFixit will no longer be Samsung’s third-party distributor. The brand explains that all the information available on the repair of Samsung smartphones will still be present on the site, but the brand will not work on new manuals in the future.

Finally, parts and repair tools will always be available on site, but they will not be designed by Samsung directly. iFixit will now specify the origin of these parts as well as their condition (original or second hand).

For its part, Samsung understands this decision, but the brand wants to “keep control” of its repairability chain. “Samsung is committed to providing quality, accessible device care to our customers with flexible options to meet their needs. »

The manufacturer therefore ensures that it will still be possible to purchase parts and repair tools for Samsung devices, only iFixit has been removed from the organization chart. Samsung nevertheless says it is “proud” of the work accomplished in recent years without communicating further on the continuation of this partnership.

Repairability: a sensitive subject

Smartphone manufacturers have been forced in recent years by new regulations to adopt repair services. This after-sales service, often costly for the brand, is rarely implemented willingly.

Although the economic and ecological benefits are obvious, smartphone repair is still not a standard for the general public. In addition to Samsung, other brands like Apple do not make all the efforts in the world to facilitate the repair of their smartphones.

Classic modifications, changing the screen or battery, often cost several hundred euros. So changing the screen of your iPhone 15 today costs €323 on the Apple website. An amount that many refuse to pay to simply repair their smartphone.



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