at these prices, impossible to resist

In this rainy spring, the developers of CleanMyMac X are bringing us a little sunshine by launching new exclusive promotions. They are in addition to the special prices you can take advantage of for cleaning software through our links. We have negotiated with MacPaw to allow you to benefit from lower than normal prices, even outside of special offer periods.

So, you can currently benefit from very attractive discounts of up to -64%!

Take advantage of CleanMyMac X offers

We have been heavy users of this macOS app in the editorial office for a while now. In our opinion, it constitutes a superb all-in-one security and management solution. This is why we have installed it on almost all compatible machines in our offices. Since then, impossible for us not to recommend it to you.

Unfortunately, as always, quality comes at a price. The price of CleanMyMac therefore remains high. Hence the interest in not hesitating to checkout during periods of special offers, like the one that MacPaw has just launched.

Try CleanMyMac

You will note that all the plans are displayed at a reduced rate in this context, both those in subscription and those for life.

CleanMyMac X for almost €16 per Mac

Below, find the details of the reduction depending on the type of license desired.

Permanent licenses

Subscription licenses

CleanMyMac X, why do it?

CleanMyMac X is software used for the management and supervision of any computer running macOS. It includes a whole series of practical features: complete uninstallation of applications, cleaning disks and in particular sometimes very demanding cache files, removing unwanted software or even optimizing RAM, among many others.

In addition, CleanMyMac Let us add that the app is natively compatible with Apple silicon to guarantee optimal operation on computers equipped with Apple M1, M2 or M3 chips (Intel machines can obviously also install it).

Discover CleanMyMac

The RAM offload feature of CleanMyMac X, for example, gives a nice breath of fresh air to my MacBook Air equipped with 8 GB of RAM.


Permanent license versus subscription: who comes out on top?

The permanent license, even if the most expensive initially, is logically more financially advantageous in the long term. Please note, however: When the developers release version 11 of CleanMyMac, you will not be able to update the software for free, you will have to go back to checkout (although at a reduced price).

If you take out a subscription, no surprises there. You pay every year and remain certain of always benefiting from the major new features of the next software versions (as long as you are a subscriber of course).



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