the connected watch would like to put a circle in a square

For once, Samsung would once again shake up its range of connected watches. The Korean manufacturer seems to be struggling to find the ideal name for its second watch since we have alternated three different names and concepts.

Let’s take a quick tour of the latest models. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was just a Galaxy Watch 4 with a rotating bezel, simple and basic. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was a more premium and larger version than its counterpart, with more battery, but removing the rotating bezel in the process. Then the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic retained the achievements of the Pro, but brought back the bezel. Do you find this complicated? It’s normal, it is and we feel that the formula is not as straightforward as at Apple.

A circle in a square

Speaking of square, according to a recent leak produced by the very reliable leaker OnLeaks and published on SmartPrix, the future high-end Galaxy Watch would once again change its name and look to become more square. First on the name, it would be a Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra this time, taking the name of the manufacturer’s most high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Let us add that it is likely that a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra will appear this summer. The word Ultra could therefore be used a little more broadly at Samsung.

3D rendering of the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra © OnLeaks / Smartprix

Then on the shape, based on the 3D renderings published by the leaker, we discover a mix between a round and a square for the case. Clearly, the dial would retain its rounded appearance, but the case would take a square shape. In addition, the watch would include two buttons on its right side as well as a rotating crown.

Furthermore, the rotating bezel would be retained despite this change in format. This is the shiny element around the screen in the visuals. The screen would retain the same 1.5 inch size of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, but the watch would gain significantly in size since we would go from 46.5 x 46.5 x 10.9 mm to 47 x 47.4 x 16.4 mm.

3D rendering of the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra © OnLeaks / Smartprix

A priori, this design should therefore leave more space inside the device. We can dream of greater autonomy, because it still remains quite limited on Wear OS watches.

The photos also tell us that a priori, the watch would retain its temperature sensor. It should also be able to make calls since there are holes for microphones and speakers.

Unless Samsung disrupts its usual plans, the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra should be presented alongside the brand’s new folding smartphones during the summer of 2024.



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