the technical sheet is known, the autonomy flies away

The Asus ROG Ally X no longer has any secrets (apart from its price). Autonomy, RAM, connectivity, the portable console improves the experience of the first ROG Ally of the name on several points.

Credit: VideoCardz

Asus has developed a new iteration of its ROG Ally portable console, and it won’t be long before it shows up. The ROG Ally In the meantime, we already have access to the technical specifications of the device thanks to information from VideoCardz.

The most important development is undoubtedly the capacity of the battery, which increases to 80 Wh. This is double what we had on the original ROG Ally, whose main fault was precisely its catastrophic autonomy. To save space, Asus has integrated a fan that is 23% more compact than the first model. The fins are 50% thinner. Don’t panic, this design should not lower the performance of the cooling system. We should even have 10% more airflow.

Better autonomy and more memory

AMD’s Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU returns. The ROG Ally This improvement places the portable console at the same level as Lenovo’s Legion Go.

The display does not move. Asus still relies on the same 7-inch screen with Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixel definition and 120 Hz refresh rate. The ROG Ally panel convinced us and we did not expect any change at this level on the ROG Ally X , which does not act as a real successor, but as an improvement of the first version.

The general design of the portable console remains the same, but we note 70 grams more on the scale, to reach 678 grams, roughly the same as the Steam Deck. We could imagine this with the new battery. We note that the ROG XG Mobile connector allowing you to connect an external GPU gives way to a more traditional USB 4 Type-C port. It supports DisplayPort 1.4 and USB Power Delivery 3.0.

Source: VideoCardz



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