macOS 15 would clean up System Settings

macOS 15 would clean up System Settings
macOS 15 would clean up System Settings

macOS 15 could be subject to slight interface changes, in particular a reorganization of System Settings. For two versions of macOS, the System Settings panel has adopted the appearance of its cousins ​​on iOS and iPadOS (just like the impossibility of resizing it in width). According to AppleInsiderApple will reorganize the content of the sections: some will be more visible, others will be relegated lower in the hierarchy and there are those which will be brought together because they share the same theme.

System Settings in macOS Sonoma.
  • The “General” section would go up under those linked to networks would go up under Network;
  • “Notifications” and “Sound” would go lower;
  • “Wallpaper” and “Monitors” would go to “General”. A priori there would be no new options in the Wallpaper settings;
  • “Privacy and security” would become neighbors with sections related to Touch ID or screen lock for greater consistency;
  • The interface in “iCloud” could evolve and be moved to the same place as Apple Pay and access to passwords as well as internet settings;
  • AirDrop would see some small changes to update its presentation.

In the menu bar, the Siri icon – which would therefore retain its familiar appearance – would adopt a monochrome design more in line with the other system icons found there. Its design could alternate between black and white depending on the background color.

A rendering of the possible new Siri icon in the menu bar.

Finally, Apple is preparing a function called “Printable Account Recovery Summary” to obtain a summary of the key elements of its user account. A sort of summary that could be generated before archiving or printing it.



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