Will the “Recall” app turn your PC into a time machine or a super-spy?

Will the “Recall” app turn your PC into a time machine or a super-spy?
Will the “Recall” app turn your PC into a time machine or a super-spy?

Dell Technologies, one of the market leaders in computers and servers, brought together its entire community in Las Vegas (May 20 to 22) for its annual high mass, Dell Tech World. Like most major Tech companies, the manufacturer has focused heavily on the latest technologies with, of course, artificial intelligence at the heart of most announcements.

This year, the big announcements mainly concerned the business world with servers and storage solutions. But that won’t stop you from taking advantage of it, as is the case with the brand new laptops compatible with Copilot, Microsoft’s AI assistant.

“Recall”, a life-saving function… or not

First of all, it is impossible to miss the “Recall” application. In broad terms, this feature heralds the end of the hassle of finding a file or information on the computer, whether in an email, in a PowerPoint slide or anywhere. But it may also be the opening of Pandora’s box. Everything will depend on its use.

Technically, the “Recall” application takes a capture of the active screen every 5 to 10 seconds. At each capture, it will archive and compartmentalize the data based on character and image recognition. Archiving is done locally and not in the cloud,” explains Juan Alfaro, product manager in Dell’s PC and accessories division.

Then simply open the application to search for information going back in time, up to a year. “When the application opens, the user accesses a bar in which they can type a word and the intelligent search will begin. This is based on character recognition performed on each screenshot and images. So, for example, I can type in the description of an image and it will find everything I did related to the year,” says Juan Alfaro.

By ensuring image archiving without interruption, “Recall” also plays the role of backup. If you were writing a text and your text editor crashes without having made a backup (something that often happens to us when writing our articles), all you have to do is go back in time. You will find the image with the text you were editing. Magic.

Are we going to open Pandora’s box?

If the use of “Recall” is intended to be virtuous and a great help for work and file recovery, we cannot help but think of the takeover of the computer by artificial intelligence. With this function, the AI ​​will retain and make available up to one year of history. What if “Recall” was used to check the tasks performed by an employee? We dare not imagine the consequences if productivity does not reach the set objectives. Wouldn’t such a function require safeguards?

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Among other new features resulting from the use of AI, we should also mention Cocreator. This app helps create AI-generated images using a combination of descriptive words and brush strokes. It is also possible to iterate the image in real time to make it exactly the way the user wants it to be integrated into a PowerPoint presentation or so that children can have fun letting their creativity run wild.

Artificial intelligence boosts PCs

For the business world, the “live subtitles” function should make it easier to work between different countries. It is in fact possible to translate any live or pre-recorded sound into English in 44 languages. This will make communicating with friends and colleagues during video calls even smoother. Dell also offers new Windows Studio effects that adjust lighting and offer new creative filters to improve collaboration during calls. Finally, AI is used for “automatic super resolution” to upscale videos and games in real time for streaming and smoother on-screen performance.

Today, the range includes five laptops that use the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite (12 cores) and Snapdragon This is an important point, because only laptops equipped with these processors will be able to offer the new capabilities resulting from the use of AI made in Microsoft. The Inspiron 14 Plus (1,199 euros) and XPS 13 (1,449 euros) models are already available for pre-order for delivery in July. The other three will be marketed in the coming months.

Other manufacturers using Qualcomm processors will be able to offer these same features. Among them, we find in particular Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and some Microsoft Surface models.



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