EPYC 4004 (AM5): AMD adapts its Ryzen 7000 for servers

AMD has just launched a new series of EPYC processors, based on the Zen 4 architecture: the EPYC 4004, on an AM5 socket. This is the third family of 4th generation EPYC CPUs, after the 9004 in Zen 4 and the 8004. To summarize, it is Ryzen 7000 with functions dedicated to professionals.

4004, 8004, 9004: the main points

The EPYC 9004 aims for performance, with support for one or two sockets (1P/2P) depending on the case. With the 8004, AMD is targeting performance per watt, allowing greater core density via a mix of Zen 4 and Zen 4c, with lower performance for the latter.

The 4004s are essentially Ryzen 7000s (you can also see great similarities in our summary table at the end of the news), but with functions dedicated to the world of servers.

We find the BMC (Baseboard Management Controller), RAIDXpert2, the official support for server operating systems, the Secure Processor TSME (Transparent Secure Memory Encryption), etc. Small and medium-sized businesses are the target, according to AMD.

4 to 16 cores, AM5, DDR5, PCIe 5.0…

This is therefore the entry-level 4th generation EPYC, with 4 to 16 Zen 4 cores at most (the Ryzen 7000s start at 6 cores). Two references, with an “X” at the end, have 128 MB of L3 cache – via AMD’s 3D V-Cache technology -, double what is normally found on processors.

For the rest, the EPYC 4004 supports up to 192 GB of DDR5 on two channels (with ECC) at 5200 MT/s. They offer a maximum of 28 PCIe 5.0 lanes (the usable number is not indicated). They display a TDP ranging from 65 to 170 watts and use an AM5 socket, like the Ryzen 7000.

Please note, this does not mean that all AM5 motherboards are compatible with EPYC 4004, you must check what is happening on the manufacturer’s website. AMD does not specify the list of chipsets compatible with its new range of processors.

From $149 to $699

Price-wise, the EPYC 4124P (the only model with 4 cores) is $149. The price rises to $699 for the EPYC 4564P and 4584PX (the most expensive). Please note, this is the price of a processor when you buy a thousand, as is generally the case for models intended for professionals.

AMD compares its 4564P with 16 cores to Intel’s Xeon E-2488, which has only 8 cores. It is unsurprisingly more efficient than its competitor, but AMD is aiming for another crown than raw performance: “ performance per dollar is 1.8 times higher » compared to Intel. The Xeon is announced at $606 (again for 1,000 parts ordered), almost the same price as that of AMD, but the latter has twice as many cores, which helps to display better performance.

Our Zen 4 summary table

Finally, here is our summary table of AMD processors with Zen 4 cores, to which we have added the EPYC 4004. You can also find it here for those who would like to have fun with it (or complete it).

Ryzen and EPYC processor comparison table



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