almost 100,000 euros lost due to the clone of a famous application

This copy of a very famous application is a scam! It has already caused nearly 100,000 euros of damage…

If there is one thing on which Android smartphone users are not spoiled, it is pirate applications. Even the Google Play Store, although officially inspected regularly by Google and Android, does not escape the malicious acts of applications whose sole purpose is to infect your phone.

Among the many most deceitful techniques for corrupting your smartphone and stealing your personal data, we find “clone” applications. These are generally created by hackers and copy, sometimes with great attention to detail, real, already well-known applications in order to pass themselves off as the latter.

In recent years, this technique has had serious repercussions for many users. They usually think they are installing a recognized app (like TikTok or Snapchat), but end up downloading a pirated copy. It then becomes very difficult to realize this as the pirate applications are identical to the real ones in their appearance. Generally, pirate applications will, as luck would have it, stand out by offering you more paid services.

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The latest alert came from Finland but can affect any European country. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) recently revealed that it has discovered several pirate applications that attempt to extort money from their victims. Certain operating methods are particularly twisted. Several smartphone owners have received an SMS encouraging them to download the McAfee application to secure their device. This famous application is particularly known for providing good protection against viruses and malware on phones.

Unfortunately, and the height of irony, the application recommended by the SMS received is not the real McAfee. Anyone who installs this fake application (similar in every way to the real one!) then sees themselves invaded by numerous malware on their smartphone. They will then carry out a series of unwanted actions, such as monitoring what you do on the phone or using your online banking services to transfer your own money. A victim lost 95,000 euros, according to Finnish police.

To find out if an application is official or not, it is recommended to check it on the store that equips your phone. Google Play Store, App Store, AppGallery… Simply go to the page of the application for which you have doubts. If the latter is sufficiently well rated and receives numerous user reviews, there is a good chance that it is official. Otherwise, be wary!



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