ChargePoint unveils ultra-powerful three megawatt charging solution

ChargePoint announces an ultra-powerful three megawatt truck charging solution. The Megawatt Charging System (MCS) is the latest addition to its DC fast charging range. Capable of providing enough energy to power 1,000 homes, the power of this charging system will significantly promote the electrification of road transport.

“Megawatt technology marks the first step towards the electrification of the heavy-duty truck sector,” said Hossein Kazemi, CTO for Hardware at ChargePoint. “Megawatt charging solves a large part of the challenge of electrifying road transport. Companies developing electric trucks can now rely on this infrastructure to test and certify their vehicles until they reach or even exceed the distances covered by combustion engine trucks.”

The MCS connector and cable will equip ChargePoint’s Power Link 2000 stations, integrated into the Express Plus modular DC fast charging platform. Initially, the MCS system will provide power of up to 1.2 megawatts.

Designed to evolve, the Megawatt charging system will include bi-directional charging and will ultimately allow a maximum flow rate of 3 MW, anticipating the arrival of vehicles compatible with this charging power. Its versatile architecture is also suitable for charging applications in the maritime and aeronautical fields.

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