This change in Diablo 4 is a mess, but players are fans of it!

Game news This change in Diablo 4 is a mess, but players are fans of it!

Published on 05/22/2024 at 6:25 p.m.

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You’re missing a feature and everything is depopulated… That’s what some players might have said to themselves during the first three seasons of Diablo4 deployed since launch. But with its season 4, Blizzard has changed things in depth and in particular with the activity of the infernal waves. A change well received by players.

Diablo 4: changes for the infernal waves

Season 4 of Diablo 4 was eagerly awaited by players. It must be said that on paper, it changes certain foundations of the game by explaining the objects recovered and facilitating the progression of the characters. Concrete changes that have been observed by players since the deployment of this season 4, entitled Revitalized Loot. Without going over all the major changes it is making, it is appropriate to come back to one of them, since it is the one that is at the origin of the players’ enthusiasm.

These are the modifications which concern the infernal waves. Before this season 4, this content was reserved for players who had reached world level 3. However, the latter requires completing a level 50 dungeon. IF the most experienced players can achieve this by being 35-40 , this still required a certain amount of playing time. Content which then allowed you to have more experience while accumulating loot. Since season 4, the infernal waves have been available to any player from the start of their adventure (you still need to have completed/passed the campaign). An idea that Blizzard probably had following the good reception of the Harvest of Blood, seasonal content that appeared in season 2.

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When Chaos and KO rhyme with fun

And in this season 4, the enthusiasm is still there! In addition to being made available at lower levels, Infernal Waves display a higher density of monsters. Enough to make the experience more nervous, especially as a threat bar fills up as the demonic annihilation progresses. When it fills up, an enemy general appears and undermines the ranks. During these waves available the majority of the time, we can then recover evil hearts. Once three are gathered, it is possible to summon an even stronger monster (often a blood damsel) which requires the cohesion of the players present on site. In short, everything that makes the activity satisfying according to the community’s comments. As evidenced by the posts on the social network Reddit:

The new boss from Hell that you summon with 3 hearts is amazing. We never tire of placing the last 3 hearts on the pedestal, and seeing dozens of players sprinting for a fight against the boss. Even better, when I got to WT3 and we were all level 35-40 and could barely kill him. There must have been 15 or 20 of us throwing ourselves at it over and over again, constantly dying. It’s so much fun, I’ve never felt such a sense of community in a Diablo game before. I can’t wait to continue playing tomorrow!

When you have 10 people fighting the big boss and everyone starts maxing out their threat and all the Hellbornes start multiplying on top of each other, it gets really crazy. I had 10 minute fights in the boss area because things kept multiplying. We killed the big boss, people started another one while we were still clearing 7-8 Hellborne. It’s pure chaos. I reached level 60 last night and my party of 3 finally opened wt4. I can’t wait to play more this weekend.

At the beginning of May, the chief producer of Diablo 4 told GamesRadar+ it was ready to review other parts of the game in the same way. With this hype in season 4, he has every reason to go in this direction. Rebelote for season 5?

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