unveils new self-registration tool unveils new self-registration tool unveils new self-registration tool, acquired by Mirantis in 2022, is a ZeroOps application delivery platform that relieves developers of cloud application deployment as well as migration and operations operations. This open Source platform helps users shorten release cycles and bring their products to market faster.

“As a company providing professional managed delivery services to digital agencies and consultancies, the launch of’s new self-registration feature means our agency clients can quickly access their platform-as -a-service,” says Bryan Gruneberg, CEO and CTO of Workshop Orange, which creates composable digital solutions for agency partners, digital leaders, startups and small businesses. “This allows our team to quickly deploy projects and experiment with the platform, reducing time to development for our agency clients’ projects. We’re excited to see how this increased autonomy will accelerate our customers’ success. »

Main advantages of this new self-registration tool:

Immediate Access – Businesses can now instantly access the platform. The self-registration process eliminates the wait times previously associated with manually creating accounts. Concretely, companies can launch projects within minutes of registration, accelerating the pace of innovation and development.

Increased autonomy – With self-service registration, businesses have the freedom to explore the platform at their own pace and according to the specificity of their needs. This independent approach empowers users by putting them in control, which allows them to take ownership of the product and interact with it from the outset.

Custom crawl – Upon registration, a sandbox environment is allocated to each company. This allows teams to put their ideas into practice by testing them in a secure, isolated environment, without disrupting their existing operations or compromising the integrity of their data.

Scalability and flexibility – The new self-registration tool adapts to the requirements of entities, from start-ups to large companies. Thanks to this flexibility, all users, regardless of the size or sector of activity of the entity, have the certainty of being able to rely on the platform to develop their activity.

Accelerated time to value – By simplifying the registration process, businesses can take advantage of the platform’s features more quickly: from initial interest to actual deployment and use, the gap is closing. This speed of deployment is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets. is the creator of the open Source project Lagoon, an application distribution platform available on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license. A cloud-native platform dedicated to application deployment, management, security and operation, Lagoon significantly reduces the burden on developers for all infrastructure-related operations.



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