Diablo 4 Improvement and Tempering: Everything you need to know about the main new feature of Season 4

Main additions of Season 4 of Diablo 4, tempering and perfecting will allow players to have a much greater impact on their best items. The loot will therefore take on a whole new meaning, but you will have to go through the farming box, as you may have guessed. We will explain everything to you !

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  • Tempering in Season 4 of Diablo IV
  • Perfecting Items in Diablo 4 Season 4
  • Where to find inferrite?

Diablo 4 Update 1.4.0 brings an anticipated transformation to the gear system, introducing new features to the blacksmith to upgrade your legendary and unique items. With the launch of Season 4, players can now enjoy two distinct methods of strengthening their equipment: Tempering and Perfecting. This article guides you through how these new features work, with particular emphasis on the Tempering process, a mechanic that allows you to personalize your items with chosen affixes.

Tempering in Season 4 of Diablo IV

Diablo 4 Season 4 marks a turning point with the introduction of a complete overhaul of items and equipment. At the heart of this update, Tempering is a key feature for players looking to optimize their legendary items. This system, closely related to the new loot dynamic, allows manual selection of affixes to add to an item, choosing from a range of options provided by the Tempering Manuals.

Things to know about tempering

  • Each Tempering Manual contains 2 to 8 affixes that can be applied to an object.
  • Affixes contained in a Tempering Manual may be used without restriction of number.
  • Affixes are categorized (examples: resources, mobility), similar to the Power Codex.
  • Although each manual offers several affixes, only one affix from the list is added to the item randomly after each Temper. To achieve the desired result, several attempts may be necessary.
  • An item can be Tempered up to a maximum of 5 times.
  • Ancestral objects are distinguished by the possibility of having two Tempering affixes, but of different categories.
  • It is important to note that Unique items are not eligible for Tempering.
  • Tempering Manuals are scattered throughout the game, enriching the gaming experience by exploring various content such as Infernal Waves, clashes against World Bosses, or even penetrating the depths of Nightmare Dungeons.

Optimization of ancestral and unique items

In the game world, Ancestral items are distinguished by their ability to accommodate two temper affixes, provided that the latter belong to distinct categories. On the other hand, a major limitation is imposed on Unique items, which are not eligible for tempering. This distinction highlights the strategic importance of Ancestral objects in optimizing character equipment.

Where to find tempering manuals?

For adventurers looking to improve their gear, Tempering Manuals are a crucial resource. Scattered throughout the game world, these manuals can be collected in various activities, such as Hellwaves, the confrontation against the World Bosses or the exploration of the Nightmare Dungeons. Their discovery not only enriches the player’s arsenal but also opens up new avenues for improvement.

Diversity and rarity of textbooks

Tempering Manuals rank according to three levels of rarity, corresponding to the world levels where they can be found:

  • Magic : World level 1 and 2
  • Rare : World level 3
  • Legendary : World level 4

Each of these categories offers distinct tempering potentials, suited to different phases of the game.

Textbook Categories and Application

Six categories of Quenching Manuals are available, each targeting specific equipment types:

  • Weapons :Only on Weapons
  • Attack : On Weapons, Amulets, Rings and Gloves
  • Defense : On Amulets, Helmets, Breastplates and Leggings
  • Attributes : On Amulets, Boots, Gloves, Helmets, Breastplates and Leggings
  • Mobility : Only on Amulets and Boots
  • Resource : Only on Amulets and Rings

This diversification allows for extensive customization of equipment, offering players the opportunity to adapt their equipment to their playing style.

Cost of quenching

The quenching process comes with a cost, depending on the power of the item being upgraded. For a level 925 item, the cost breaks down as follows:

  • 10x Piece of Iron or 10x Rawhide
  • 20x Veiled Crystal
  • 2x Sinister Fragment, 2x Spinning Ward, or 2x Dark Emblem

These materials are essential for successful quenching, highlighting the importance of resource collection and management.

Diablo 4 Improvement and Tempering: Everything you need to know about the main new feature of Season 4Diablo 4 Improvement and Tempering: Everything you need to know about the main new feature of Season 4

Perfecting Items in Diablo 4 Season 4

Once a player has acquired and learned a Tempering Manual, he can go to any blacksmith to perfect his items. This process, which occurs at the end of the game, is reserved for characters advancing towards level 100 and uses specific materials obtained in the Artificers’ Pit. Upgrading works on a rank system, with significant improvement every four ranks. Notably, this system guarantees a 100% success rate, offering players the ability to reset and reorient an item’s affixes according to their preferences and strategies.

Basic principles of development

The enhancement mechanic offers the ability to enhance your items up to 12 times, paving the way for a total of 3 major affix upgrades at Ranks 4, 8, and 12. Here are some key aspects to remember:

  • Enhancement Limit: Each item can undergo the Enhancement process a maximum of 12 times.
  • Guaranteed Success: The success rate of Improvement is 100%.
  • Item Eligibility: Only fully tempered Ancestral items and Unique items are eligible for Enhancement.
  • Affix Improvement: At each rank, the item’s affixes are improved by 5%. Additionally, every 4 ranks, an affix is ​​specifically improved by 25%.
  • Cumulative Bonuses: Enhancement bonuses are cumulative, including significant upgrades at Ranks 4, 8 and 12.
  • Reset: It is possible to reset the Improvement of an item if the improvements obtained are not satisfactory.
Diablo 4 Improvement and Tempering: Everything you need to know about the main new feature of Season 4Diablo 4 Improvement and Tempering: Everything you need to know about the main new feature of Season 4

Costs and resources required

The Perfection process requires a significant investment. Players must venture into the Artificers’ Pit, new in Season 4: Revitalized Loot. Each level of Improvement requires an increasing quantity of specific components, recoverable only in this environment:

  • Ranks 1-4: Obducite is required.
  • Ranks 5 to 8: Lingolith is necessary.
  • Ranks 9 to 12: Inferrite is requested.

Where to find components for improvement?

Components for improvement come exclusively from the Artificers’ Pit, with specific acquisition methods for each material:

  • Obducity : Available from Tier 1 to 29
  • The Lingolith : Found from Tier 30 to 59. Players have the option to transform the Lingolith into a Medium Obducite Cache containing 75 Obducites at the Alchemist
  • Inferritis : Obtainable from Tier 60 to 200. In addition, Inferrite can be transmuted into a Large Obducite Cache with 300 Obducites, or into a Large Lingolith Cache containing 300 Lingoliths at the Alchemist

Each tier of the Artificers’ Pit offers unique challenges and valuable rewards, essential for perfecting your equipment. So players should prepare to dive deep into these new adventures to obtain the materials needed to ultimately upgrade their items.

Where to find inferrite?

Inferrite, a valuable resource, is accessible to players advancing through levels 60 to 200 of the Artificers’ Pit. This area, known for its challenges and rewards, becomes a major point of interest for those in search of rare materials.

Transmutation of Inferrite

Once Inferrite is in your possession, several options are available to you to use it optimally. One of the most effective methods is to transmute it. By visiting the Alchemist, you have the opportunity to transform your Inferrite into valuable resources:

  • Large obducity cache : By exchanging Inferrite, you can obtain a cache containing 300 Obducites. This resource is crucial for players wishing to improve their equipment or acquire specific items
  • Large lingolith cache : another option is to transmute the Inferrite to receive 300 Lingoliths. Just like Obducite, Lingolith plays an important role in the evolution of your character and his equipment

Item Perfection

The highlight of using Inferrite is the ability to perfect your items. This procedure can be performed at any blacksmith in the game, providing great flexibility for players to upgrade their equipment. Whether to increase the power of a weapon or strengthen armor, Inferrite proves to be an indispensable resource for those who want to maximize their in-game performance.



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