PYPrime 32B world record: DDR4-3914 surpasses DDR5-9305!

In the world ofoverclocking extreme, the benchmark of RAM who is on the rise at the moment is PYPrime, whether in mode 2B or 32B. Record enthusiasts will, as always, validate their records on HWBOT and until this week it was the essential safedisk which held the world record under PYPrime 32B. On March 14, 2024, he had validated a calculation time of 1 min 37 s 596 ms, becoming the first to go below 1 min 39 s with a comfortable margin in addition. Just a few days ago, the best mark established with DDR4 was to the credit of the Frenchman darkgregor with 1 min 43 s 936 ms, so quite clearly behind the world record all the same.

But that was before the American Splave had a crazy time with his G.SKILL TridentZ DDR4-3466 C16 : 1 min 37 s 311 ms! The benchmark also being a little dependent on the CPU, he pushed his to its maximum with a Core i9-11900K under liquid nitrogen, fuel at 6958 MHz. But the star is the 32 GB DDR4 kit he used, which was able to meet the benchmark with some pretty crazy timings.

type="image/webp"> type="image/webp"> type="image/webp">>>>Pyprime 1min37s311ms

“The devil is in the details” as they say, and that is the case here. While obviously seeing DDR4-3466 C16 pushed into DDR4-3914 C12 is already pretty in itself, it’s déjà vu since darkgregor had already reached DDR4-3928 C12 when he had done 6 seconds less well in very beginning of the year. So what does this new world record mean? At other timings. We will already notice, inevitably, the CR 1T (Command Rate) while all DDR4 records previously set were in 2T. What also greatly impressed Splave’s fellow overclockers was that it managed to stabilize during the benchmark a tRAS 18 ! PYPrime is quite sensitive to this and it is therefore this combination of a CAS Latency of 12 associated with a tRAS 18 and a CR 1T which has allowed a DDR4 kit to, for the moment at least, screw all kits DDR5 on the market.

For comparison, the safedisk record in DDR5 was established with DDR5-9035 CL42 in 47-42-34-2T. Splave managed to do a little better with his DDR4-3914 CL12 in 11-11-18-1T. Respect, even if we suspect that DDR5 will quickly recover its throne. (Source: Wccftech)

type="image/webp"> type="image/webp"> type="image/webp">Pyprime 1min37s311ms Config>>>




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