five tips from the boss of the game for a good start

five tips from the boss of the game for a good start
five tips from the boss of the game for a good start

To mark the 15th anniversary of Minecraft, Tech&Co met Mojang Studios. Agnes Larsson, the game’s director, reveals her advice for those who have never dared to launch into the universe.

You have to start one day. If you have never dared to embark on an adventure Minecraft To join the 300 million players, don’t worry about being left behind.

“The first 15 minutes of play have remained the same since the game began and we are keen to do so. This is how you can start calmly,” assures Agnes Larsson. Tech&Co asked the game director at Mojang Studios and avid gamer to give her valuable advice for starting your very first game.

Understand the basic functions of the game

The most difficult thing when you start Minecraft, it’s knowing where to start. Agnes Larsson explains that the key is to try to understand “the basic interactions, like how you place a block, how you remove a block, and how you move.”

An activity that may seem simplistic, but which will be at the very heart of the game. The importance of knowing how to recognize and use “voxels” (cubes of matter) to create your universe and your environment.

If you’re not immediately inspired, don’t worry. For the game director, there is no insurmountable error and that’s even how we learn: “I wouldn’t tell the players what they have to do because I want them to realize things by themselves. I want to give the new player this feeling that it was their idea, it’s their creative pride” explains Agnes Larsson.

Watch out for the dark!

After starting to explore The Surface, the game’s very bright block universe, comes night and another aspect of Minecraft (one day equals 10 minutes of actual play). The first night play session can be surprising, because everything changes suddenly. Agnes Larsson’s advice: don’t jump into the adventure too quickly at this point if you’re just starting out.

“Darkness is dangerous. If you’re playing in survival mode, it’s in the darkness that monsters appear. So that’s good to know,” she says, recalling that a hostile creature (non-character playable) necessarily awaits the players. It can be anywhere, on the ground or in the air. She will appear in particular when the game’s light Source reaches 0. Her advice if you see her: “hide”

At night, Minecraft changes atmosphere – Mojang

Don’t start by digging

In the minds of new players, Minecraft essentially consists of breaking bricks or moving them, digging holes as much for fun as to make shelter. Construction is a highlight of the game, especially in Creative mode.

But digging can also be a bad idea, according to the head of Mojang: “Don’t dig directly when starting the game, because you could then fall into lava, for example. And don’t dig directly, because you could end the game. head under a pile of sand.”

Don’t look for a goal

What do we do in Minecraft SO ? Well, what you want is what you want, says Agnes Larsson. “I would say that we must remember that Minecraft doesn’t really have a set goal,” explains the Swede. “It’s up to you to set your own goals, to just experience this world and decide for yourself what you want to do. It might be good to remember that.”

Minecraft – Mojang Studios

Be the master of your game

There are therefore no rules to follow in your first approach to Minecraft, but actually not a bad way to play it. You have to do this by feeling according to its game director: “Don’t count on the game to tell you what to do and how to start. It will be up to you to think about what you want to do.”

And for this, there are several modes available and different ways to play. Creative mode seems most suitable for beginners. You cannot be injured or die there, even if you fall. You will “float” in the air. Even at night, you fear nothing.

On the other hand, in Survival mode, everything becomes hostile, day and night. Creatures can destroy your buildings and steal from you. It’s important to set aside plenty of food to avoid starving. And therefore also know how to cultivate and cook, but also to search your environment for food and to manage your inventory well. Exploration, pickaxe in hand, is therefore essential.

Aware of having more and more players, Minecraft also knows how to pamper them. On the game website, there are multiple tutorials for getting started, creating, knowing how to manage your health in the game, and exploring. Do not miss.

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