Proximus customers will soon discover an unpleasant surprise on their subscription… without really knowing it: “It will change”

Here’s how to save a few euros on your telecoms bill

Often seen as good deals in the past to combine three popular options (TV-Internet-Telephone) by customers, the packs today look gloomy on the invoices. Not so advantageous anymore? It’s all a question of analysis.

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By Guillaume Pavoncelli

Published on 05/15/2024 at 07:30

Regardless of the operator’s site, the page that is highlighted remains the same: the famous “packs”. For many years, the country’s operators have offered a combination of services to make life easier for their customers by combining several options in a single bill.

If the “trio” formula was the most popular in the past, this is increasingly being replaced by duo packs, proof that some services are now struggling to convince. This is the case of landline telephones which have practically disappeared from the offers, at least those put forward. If the prices seem attractive at first glance (helped by limited-time promotions), this may not be the case in the long term since these packs will not be adapted to your uses. And it will ultimately cost you more.

Especially when we know that it is possible to reduce your telecom bill by really analyzing what you need. Is it useful to have a decoder if you don’t watch TV often? Do you still need a landline? Do you need an internet connection boost? Don’t also forget the different subscriptions you could have in addition to television! We leave the shackles of the ease of packs to analyze our bill in the smallest details in search of superfluous options. It takes time but the result (can) be worth it.

Once this introspection work has been carried out, it is interesting to adapt, or even compare, according to the competition. Because certain services turn out to be less expensive elsewhere, particularly from operator subsidiaries or virtual operators. You will multiply contracts but, in the end, your total bill will be lower. And that’s the most important thing.

Crop on TV?

Let’s take some price examples to support our remarks, ignoring promotions and other activation or installation costs. With historical operators, you will have to pay at least 73 euros per month for a classic trio pack:

  • 80 euros/month for the trio pack, with Internet (200 Mbps), TV (with decoder and 80 channels) and mobile (unlimited calls and SMS as well as 10GB of surfing) at Voo
  • 87.99 euros/month for the flex pack, with internet (100 Mbps), TV (with decoder and 80 channels) and mobile (unlimited calls and SMS as well as 12GB of surfing) at Proximus

But did you know that it is possible if you are not a big TV consumer, even if you stay with these operators, to save almost 84 euros per year at VOO Or 108 euros per year at Proximus while continuing to watch it? To do this, simply turn to light options, that is to say fewer channels and streaming-only distribution (no more decoder).

  • You can configure this option in the VOO trio pack by opting for the “streaming” option which will offer you 21 channels via an application. You go from 80 euros/month to 73 euros/month.
  • At Proximus you will have to upgrade from the trio pack to the duo pack to be able to select the similar “Light TV” option which will allow you to have access to 32 channels via the Pixckx app.

Savings which can be even greater by daring to go to virtual mobile operators and by taking each service from a different operator. The fact remains that even by staying with an incumbent operator, you can still save a little money without having to rely on the competition.



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