The best technique to tell if someone is lying to you

Are you tired of trusting someone who lies to you? Here is this technique that detects lies.

Are you used to being disappointed by those around you because of their lies? Then this article is made for you ! here is a technical which lets you know if someone is lying to you.

A technique for detecting lies

Have you ever talked to someone and realized something was wrong? Very often, this means that the person you are talking to is lying to you.

It’s not easy to detect. Especially if you’re the type who doesn’t doubt others. Fortunately, there are techniques which make it possible to recognize a lie.

First, you need to study your body language. Because when a person lies, their body speaks for itself. These people may try to make themselves smaller to feel less visible because of their lie.

This is why it is important to focus on facial expressions. For example, a liar may have flaring nostrils. He may also bite his lips or blink a little faster.

To recognize a liar, technical also involves analyzing the tone and the way he pronounces the words. If the tone changes, and becomes louder, then be careful! You should also be wary of people who reveal too many details.

Often, liars also try to cover their eyes or mouth with their hands, or close them completely. One thing is certain, liars are everywhere.

Children, brothers, colleagues who talk about their eventful weekend… We must therefore master this technical which allows us to distinguish true from false. Experts talk about the importance of studying the look, the rhythm of the voice, etc.

Blushing or excessive sweating. But also the rapid breathing, the unusual blinking of the eyes. Or even the variations in their way of speaking.

Here’s how to tell if this person is lying to you

According to a study from the University of Amsterdam, it is important to focus on just one element. It’s here technical details in the speech. The study, published in March 2023, analyzed the attitude of 1,445 participants across 9 experiments.

People had to evaluate the veracity of written or oral testimonies, without instructions. Others had to focus only on the precision and abundance of details such as actions or descriptions of places.

Our colleagues from Journal du Net, the “ The results are clear: those who relied on this criterion managed to spot lies with an accuracy of 59 to 79%. In comparison, those who were left to their own devices did less well. »

Bruno Verschuere, forensic psychologist and lead author of the study, said more! He explains that when a person gives a complete description of the “who, what, where, when and how,” they are probably telling the truth.

On the other hand, this is not the case when a person provides a story that is poor in detail. This study also shows the limits of intuition. And stereotypes about what liars look like.

So you understand, the technical therefore involves relying on the level of detail in the speech to know if a person is lying to you.

We must therefore focus on a precise and objective criterion. Like the description of the places for example. It is therefore a technical simple that will tell you more about others. Also remember to analyze body language.


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